Time Capsule, Arrested Development or Alternate Future

February 11th 2012

Take a Morris Oxford straight from England. Transport it, lock stock, barrel, and tooling to the Hind plant in Uttarpara, West Bengal India. It becomes the Hindustan Landmaster (Oxford MO and Series II) and later the Ambassador (Series III).

From late 40s to the present the Hindustan Landmaster and Ambassador followed the English Oxford evolution up to the Farina redesign. It has stayed the same car since, with only minor styling changes. There was no Farina styling to take the Ambassador in an entirely different direction.

In 2004 Hindustan Motors came out with the Avigo. Again, there was only minor styling changes with the Morris still showing strong. This model is history already.

In the present day Hindustan is competing with many Asian car manufacturers, and falling in market share. A redesign along the lines in the picture below is supposed to keep the Uttapara plant in operation. I still see the Morris in it, at least a bit. Time will tell if this venture is successful.

According to Wikipedia Ambassadors were imported to the United Kingdom in 1993 as the Fullbore Mark 10. The importer went bust very quickly. Hindustans became available in the UK in 2002 from Merlin Garages, an importer in Wales.

Now, you could import one of these babies to Canada, as long as it is 15 years or older. There has been some quirky stuff imported in the last few years. Why not one of these?

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