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May 13th 2016

Oddball Classics

When the Cars of the Stars Motor Museum in Keswick, UK closed in 2011, these film Classics went to a museum in Miami, Florida ... Laurel and Hardy, Noddy, Flintstones and Lady Penelope`s FAB 1 car, motorcycle from Harry Potter.

I may be able to get more tickets
Contact me soonest!
Tony Hughes

Mamma Mia

Sunday August 14th
The Huron County Playhouse
70689 B Line,
South Huron, ON

Top Tip

This Top Tip is brought to you by Harold Leece ... why not send us your tips and share your knowledge here?

Everyone but me probably knew this already but friend Horst told me that 0000 grade steel wool was very good for fine polishing of glass and chrome. It works very well as you can see in the picture. The picture is just a quick pass to show the effect.

The glass in my Somerset had a bit of brown haze that was resistant to all attempts to wash it off. The 0000 gauge steel wool did the job.

Puzzle Of the Week
1949 Triumph 2000

I found this for sale in Fredericksburg, Texas
Another online jigsaw puzzle from my site Grey Brits ... Enjoy!

Want more puzzles? Head off to Jigsaw Planet


See all the Events listed here.

We need your help.

We don't have enough time to search out events, you are closer to your local events then we could ever be. If you have an event coming up let us know about it. We need event name, location and most importantly a web link to the event.

We are primarily looking for British Car events, but realize that some of you may be distant from Brit Car only events, leaving all make, model, and nationality events. We'll take those too.

Please contact Tony Fox with any corrections, submissions and additions to the Events list.

Thank you.

Alan Brand, Webmaster

Upcoming Events At A Glance

Western Driver
All British Field Meet

May 21 2016
VanDusen Botanical Garden
37th and Oak St.
Vancouver, BC

Rootes Group Swap Meet

May 29, 2016
13551 Tenth Line,
Georgetown, Ontario

A Ginseng Jaunt

Sunday June 5th 2016
10:15 AM
Flying J Service Station
2492 Cedar Creek Road
(HWY 97 and 401)
Ayr, Ontario
For details contact Tony Hughes @

Stuff For Sale

This is gathered, primarily, from our Facebook site
Submissions are accepted
But only if they exist on a sale site I can link to.

1974 Austin Marina
Caledon, ON

Andrew Hudson found this Marina.

1954 Wolseley 4/44
Buffalo, NY

Julian Howard found this Wolseley.

1972 Jaguar XJ6
Barrington, Illinois

Alan Brand found this Jaguar.

1973 Triumph Stag
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Alan Brand found this Triumph.

1989 Jaguar XJS V12
Woodstock, ON

John Griffith found this Jaguar belonging to
Ian Richardson; call 519-421-1762.

1965 Ford Anglia 106E
Orlando, Florida

Alan Brand found this Anglia.

Way Back

detail from British Repair Manual (1955) from Australia, on eBay
(hat-tip to Julian Howard)

Alan Brand
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