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August 10th 2013
Is This One of Ours?

Portions of an e-mail exchange this week

Hi All,
Saw this beauty in Dundas today. Don't think I've ever seen it at Bronté. Anyone know if it belongs to a member?
I slipped a club flyer under his windshield wiper anyway.
PS. I mean windSCREEN wiper.........
It doesn't look familiar to me, nice car though
Hi All,
The owner just phoned me - Gary B. of Dundas. He has 3 Rovers, a Jag, and a Mini.
He is VERY interested in joining and has even offered to lend me his Jag for British Car Day!
I will forward his details to Don shortly.

Canal Days Sunday

John Griffith posted one picture to our Facebook Site.

A great turnout at Canal Days in Port Colborne on Sunday!

Club Picnic

Keep Saturday August the 17th for the BSCCoC Club Picnic at the Country Heritage Park in Milton.

We will be there with many of our cars. There is lots of agricultural history to look at

See You there

Pier 4 Cruise Night Hamilton

Hi All,

Just a reminder that our club is co-sponsor of "British and European Showcase" night at "Rockin' the Waterfront" at Pier 4 Hamilton on Thursday the 22nd of August. (

It's a great show, with up to 400 cars present, situated on a park on the Hamilton Waterfront. A good turnout will really make the club look good at this popular event. Music will be provided by the Beatles tribute band, "Day Tripper" and hot dogs and hamburgers will be available from the barbecues of the Hamilton Optimists.

As show co-sponsors, we will get preferred spots in the front two rows.

We will also be expected to provide a few volunteers to assist in the parking of the show cars. The gates open at 4.00PM, but if you can get there earlier, help is always needed to lay out the parking lines. If you can't get there early, you can introduce yourself to the person on the gate when you arrive and tell them that you are available to take over from others while they get some food. It's as easy as standing at the end of a row and waving cars in with a flag! ANY help we can offer will be appreciated!

See you all there!

John Griffith

Yukon Transportation Museum Car Show

Christian Kuntz

The Ladies of the Famous Frantic Follies

Whitehorse YT is the home for the Yukon Transportation Museum. It documents the hundred or so years of history of the planes, trains and automobiles of the Yukon.

This last Saturday they had their 'Show and Shine' Car Show. You may think this is restricted to heavy trucks and tough as nails cars. Whitehorse is not that way. They have a Home Hardware, a Canadian Tire and even a Walmart (actually 2 of them). The have paved roads and some decent cars, even some Brits.

Read On

Toronto Triumph Urgent Call For British Car Day Volunteers

Volunteers are still needed to help out with British Car Day on Sept. 14 and 15.

Saturday the 14th we need a few more volunteers starting at 9 AM to help with field layout and the placing of signs.

Sunday the 15th we need at least 25 more volunteers. Thank you to the forty who have already agreed to help. Here is what we still need:

Sunday morning there is a need for early risers (hopefully 6 AM)who can direct vendors and show cars into the park. We also need people to start at 7:30 AM to work at the gate greeting the show cars.

Sunday afternoon, we need some help in registration and counting ballots but there is a great need for help in marshalling cars and manning the entrance gates.

Computer input skills are required for both shifts on Sunday.

High school age children of club members who volunteer to help on Saturday or Sunday will be provided appropriate volunteer hours toward their grad requirements.

Commemorative T-shirts and lunch will be provided for all volunteers. This is your club's premiere event, raising the majority of our funding, and we ask that you give a few hours of your time to make our thirtieth anniversary of BCD a huge success.

If you can help, please send the times you are available and any preference of duties to:

Ron Etty

Thanks again,

The BCD Organizing Committee

Check out:

Country Heritage Park
Rockin the Water Front
Christian Kuntz Photography
Christian Kuntz Photography Facebook
Yukon Transportation Museum
Yukon Transportation Museum Facebook
British Car Day Bronte
David E. Wood

August 3rd 2013
It's the August Long Weekend
Canal Days Sunday

Big Al's crew will be leaving the "BIG AL Mini Ranch" at 8:30AM on Sunday

We have Brit car GROUP PARKING on the N/W corner of the field just behind the porty pots. Are they trying to tell us something??

See you all there,


Classic Motoring Revival

Be part of the fabulous BRITS ON THE LAKE CLASSIC MOTORING REVIVAL in beautiful, historic downtown Port Perry on August 10th & 11th, 2013.


"WING COMMANDER’S RALLY/TOUR" - A fun circumnavigation of Lake Scugog of approximately 100 miles in distance. The cost is only $55.00 per car (driver & navigator). Includes T-Shirts and a surprise gift! Entry is limited to 30 cars. To sign up, email or call 705-878-5422.

"DINNER IN THE VINES" - An elegant dinner amongst the vines at Ocala Winery complete with delicious 4-course dinner and wine tasting at only $60.00 per person. Pre-Registration is required. Call or email to register: or call 705-878-5422.



EVENT THEME: "STEP BACK IN TIME - GOODWOOD STYLE" - The Revival will be a magical step back in time, a unique chance to revel in the glamour and allure of classic British motoring set in the romantic time capsule offered by the historic Port Perry streetscape.

BRITISH MOTORING NOSTALGIA ON QUEEN STREET - Enjoy great British Invasion Music, a Royal visit, fantastic shoppes and restaurants, beautiful cars and motorcycles and period costumes. Everyone that sets foot on Queen Street enters onto the stage that is the BRITS ON THE LAKE CLASSIC MOTORING REVIVAL. Attendees are encouraged to let nostalgia overwhelm them and to turn out in vintage clothing, helping to turn the clock back. Don’t be afraid to get up close to the cars. The owners love to show off their beautiful machines.

CAR SHOW JUDGING: This is a ‘PEOPLES CHOICE’ judged show. That means that everyone that wishes to participate may complete a judging ballot.

VALVE COVER RACES: Returning for 2013 are the ever-popular "Valve Cover Races" staged by the Durham East Enders British Car Club! Be sure to take in this fun event. Kids of all ages will love it! You’ll be surprised to see how the engineering of the cars rivals that of the real thing. Funds raised go to support the Port Perry Hospital Foundation.

Kids entertainment and rides, a Royal Visit, Fascinator Contest and more await you! Don't miss it!


Bob DeShane
Tel: 705-878-5422

Check the website:

Western Brits For Sale

Doug Frechette is putting all of his eggs in one Zodiac basket. As a result he has a few Vauxhalls and a Morris for sale. Anyone following our Facebook page will have seen the cars before. Kijiji ads, with more detail, will be up a little later in the weekend. Car number one is a 1933 Morris Ten. The second is 1962 Vauxhall Velox , with two parts cars ,

From Pipestone Manitoba, Kathy Rose Genaille has a 1951 Cowley Van Truck for sale at $2500.00. For more info call 1-306-921-4671 or 4672 and ask for Roger.

Fedora Antiques, Oak Lake, Manitoba has a Austin Cambridge rescued from a local scrap yard...was about to be crushed! No title, but pretty complete! First $500 takes it. Also he has an Austin Somerset saloon shell for $250.


Matt Giesbrecht found a 1960 Rover for sale in Winnipeg. See details at Kijiji

This is a 1933 Morris Ten. Car is in fairly rough condition.

A package deal of three Vauxhall PA's, two Velox, one Cresta, which is the best of the bunch. It needs floors but the rest is solid.

1951 Cowley Van Truck

Austin Somerset body - for parts - $250

Late 50s/early60s Austin Cambridge - no title - being sold "as is" - "for parts." Very complete!

1960 Rover In Winnipeg

Check out:

David E. Wood

July 27th 2013
Wolseley For Sale

FOR SALE 1958 Wolseley 6/90 Saloon 6 cylinder,automatic Tranny There are only two of these luxurious six-cylinder Gearld Palmer beauties in North America. The other is not likely to come up for sale for a long time,so if you want an ultra rare but extremely useable, enjoyable, British saloon,this is it. The six-cylinder engine is the famous BMC "C-series"-yes.the same one as in the Austin Healys,and with a couple extra main bearings,it encored in the MGC.Indestructible and powerful,If you have eyes for one of these.grab it.

Details in our Yahoo Groups site (everybody can see the posting) and our Facebook Site

Mr. Beep Has Risen From the Ashes

In February we had a most excellent adventure to the Guild of Automotive Restorers. We saw all types of cars in various stages of restoration. One of these was Mr. Beep. Back when I wrote up the article on the trip I only included an old "file" picture because the owner had not seen the car. Well, Mr. Beep has surfaced in the Woodstock Sentinel Review. I can now show you the picture I took at the Guild.

Mr Beep takes us back to a simpler time, when steel was steel and salt was salt. It has went through quite a bit to get to the restoration stage. One bone of contention was the base used for the restoration, a perfectly good and presentable 1959 Zephyr convertible. A rare car to begin with, it was seen to be the best way to base the restoration on. It probably was, but I would have liked it better if it were a half decent saloon and not a convertible.

Just my two cents, DW.

A Poor Little Minor in Clinton Ontario

Jim Ellis posted these two pictures on our Facebook Page

This poor little Minor was a sign for Skinny's on Bayfield Rd. between the tracks and Devon St. Google's Streetview cameras passed by the place sometime in 2009 showing the car, and most likely the business gone.

Does anybody know what happened to the car?

West Ender's July Sunday Breakfast at the Blue Moon

Fun for young and old and small dinosaurs
Thanks to Gerry Hancock

Check out:

Woodstock Sentinel Review
Guild of Automotive Restorers
Mr. Beep's restoration
Mr. Beep
Mr. Beep Facebook
David E. Wood

July 20th 2013
By One Vote, The Queen's New Portrait Is Decided

Yes, by one vote. It was close for quite a while...... Then I got a vote!

I vote for photo Nr 1(above)--she dishes a rather sophisticated 1950s Monte Carlo vibe in that one compared to the other four. Nr 2 (below, top left) makes her looks like a cross between "Hyacinth Bucket" from Keeping up appearances" (on a good day) and Elton John, while photo Nr 4 (below, bottom right) looks like Richard Nixon in drag. I'm not taken by the other two either. So, there you have it: Photo Nr 1 takes the cake.

George from Maryland

George's Sprite!!

Pier 4 Cruze, Hamilton, Is Still Looking for Volunteers

The Pier 4 Cruze really needs volunteers. They are talking about closing down the cruise night. It has become so popular there are not enough people to park and organize the event. Give it some thought. Contact info is down the page, here.

Toronto Triumph Club Looking for British Car Day Volunteers

Attention TTC Members, Friends, and Family

As you may or may not know, 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of British Car Day. What started out as a modest event thirty years ago is now the largest British car event in North America!

The organizing committee has been planning since January to make our 30th anniversary memorable, but we need your help. We will need a number of volunteers to help out again over the weekend, both with set up on the day before (Saturday) and then with the show itself on Sunday.

Twenty-five volunteers are needed for field and registration area set-up duties on Saturday, Sept. 14th. This involves mapping and marking the field for each car class, setting up the vendor area, arranging the registration area, and the packaging of at least 1000 "goodie bags". Volunteers are required by 9:00 a.m. and are usually done and ready for pizza and pop by lunch time.

The big day is Sunday, Sept. 15 when about seventy volunteers are required for registration duties. computer input, and marshalling the thousand cars that we expect. There are two main shifts available: 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We also have a number of slightly earlier and later shifts to help with Sunday setup (morning) and tear down (afternoon).

Commemorative T-shirts and lunch will be provided for all volunteers.

This is your club's premiere event, raising the majority of our funding, and we ask that you please give a few hours of your time to show that, once again, the Toronto Triumph Club has all the "right stuff".

If you can help, please send your contact information, the times you are available, and if you have a preference of duties to:

Ron Etty

Thanks again,

The BCD Organizing Committee

Where Are The Event And Car Show Pictures and Stories??

No new cars this week, no event or car pictures this week. Where are all of you? All I have are a couple of Facebook albums of the Kincardine Lighthouse Blues Festival British Car Show from the Kincardine & Area British Car Club and the Waterloo British Car Club

Automotive Transplants!

Jim Ellis' Ford Cortina getting some front end attention. Below are excerpts from Jim's Facebook Posts.

Ok folks. The Weldathon has started. I'm not restoring the Cortina but I have three 'spare' days so I am doing a 'put it back on the road restoration'. I'm welding up the front chassis/lower inner wings today, but need to remove the brake lines and some other bits and pieces to do the job correctly. So I'll overhaul the front calipers whilst I am at it- or rather Wolf will! Photos will follow later.

Interesting Cortina problem: Bill Sharpe, David Moore, David Wood, Matthew William Giesbrecht, - any ideas. I have fitted new wheel bearings- both inner and outer races. Now the Brake Caliper won't quite fit- it is as if the hub/brake disc is just a little too far out on it's spindle (tapered) and so the caliper won't line up. Wheel bearings are torqued up correctly, any ideas? Bill- could it be that the inner bearing race is not seated properly??

Thanks Bill Sharpe- regards the Cortina- it was the inner race, not seating correctly in the hub. A little bit of machining in both hubs and now the front bearings are on, the brakes reassembled and bled and oil changed. Front chassis welded up and new flexi lines on. Some back light earthing problems to sort and I am looking forward to going for a drive!

Also doing work on his Minor is Robert Ockenden. Below is his e-mail to me this last Thursday.

It‘s been a while since you had a update on progress with Lilly’s transplant, so here we go!

Donor RWA Midget

Robert Ockenden, wife Ellie and Lilly the Minor

You may recall that Lilly had a mechanical clutch and that mods had to be made to use her linkage with the Midget’s hydraulics.

To accommodate this I mounted the master cylinder under the car on the left side of the transmission, unfortunately, slightly lower than the slave on the right. To allow for filling in it’s new location, I installed a reservoir up on the firewall, with a hose down through the screw-on lid of the master.

I had a hell of a time trying to stop a leak in the reservoir to master line. Fought with it for days to no avail. Finally, after much bench testing, and many removals and reinstallations, the leak stopped!

Bleeding the sucker became the next challenge! (The location of the master below the slave didn’t help, nor did the fact that the master had no bleeder.) However, after a considerable length of time, and the odd cuss word, the mission was accomplished!

Her new exhaust system was a challenge. I took 90 degree elbows and cut wedges out of them, allowing me to bend them sharply to avoid bodywork before exiting the engine compartment.

For outside the engine compartment I used Lilly’s old system as a pattern. The old Midget pipe afforded enough good material that, along with 3 more 90’s, and a tractor muffler, I fabricated the rest, of the system. Component pieces were spot welded together in situ by my neighbour who crops this place, using his portable stick welder, then taken down the road and firmly MIG welded together in another neighbour’s welding shop. A community affair!

A week ago, I reinstalled Lilly’s front bodywork including the rad. When I refilled the cooling system, her rad and her 1275 water pump leaked. Lilly’s 948 water pump was the same, didn’t leak and worked well when it was in service, so it was pressed into service on the 1275 over the weekend. The rad’s leak was repaired in a local shop on Monday, after which I reinstalled it, and added the coolant.

Had her running the other day ‘till she warmed right up, then fiddled with her carbs a bit and got her quite smoothed out. The Midget’s tac is scrap and I’ve tried to find a used Smiths replacement, as yet to no avail.

Canadian Tire may have a suitable one which I’ve ordered but which hasn’t come in yet. The tac will help with tuning as I was unsure of her RPMs.

Cold she had 70-80 lbs. oil pressure, falling to a steady 40 lbs. when hot. Don Whitehead says this is within the range of very acceptable.

On the axle stands, the clutch worked smoothly under power. (I’ve installed the Midget shifter to save passenger’s legs.)

The exhaust sounds quite sporty, if a little loud, (of course she still is in the shop).

Tomorrow she’s coming down off her axle stands and she’ll be venturing out onto the highways and byways on her shakedown cruise.

Stay tuned to this station for more updates!

Check out:

David E. Wood

July 13th 2013
The Queen's Portrait

It is time for Ministries/Departments/Whatevers of Transport across the country to update the portraits of the Queen in their vehicle and driver license offices. I did not know the Queen actually drove that often, seems she does as I learned this last week. That is when this idea popped into my head. It would give the office just a little bit more of a "motoring" feel.

I found the pictures up on the web, which would you choose for a portrait. The large one at the top is No.1, the four below are Nos. 2, 3, 4, and 5. Clockwise from top left.

E-mail me at with your vote!

This is not just limited to Canada. Those of you in the States can vote too! We'll talk later about you rejoining the fold. Those in the rest of the world feel free also. We can talk about a new British Empire, maybe British Empire Lite! (fewer calories and a light refreshing taste)

Ford Zodiac Heads West

Doug Frechette has a new bundle of joy, a 1968 Ford Zodiac Mk.4. He found a shipper to bring it from Hamilton to his home in Wetaskiwin Alberta.

From the European Ford Owners Club, I received the following, "This car was special ordered by the then motoring editor for the Toronto Star."

The car needs a little work, nothing Doug can't handle.

Morris Oxford Traveller finds a home in Manitoba

Matthew Giesbrecht now owns two Morris Oxfords. His newest car is a 1959 Series IV (all steel traveller). The body is quite rusty, but it is complete.

Indian Rover

From DrAnjan Chatterjee we get this Rover 3 litre was part of a Vintage and Classic car run on 23th June 2013 from Nagpur city to the Bor wildlife reserve about 80 kms away. The car completed the nearly 170 km run effortlessly.

You Wanna Be In the Pictures??

Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 14:57:39 -0400
Subject: Cortina...


I am producing a documentary for theatres in which I will need several cars and car lovers to appear in.

Therefore I am seeking resources to tap into. One of immediate note is a Ford Cortina...

Do you have any Cortina contacts?

Ron Moore
Car Culture TV

Check out:

David E. Wood

July 8th 2013
Short Notice
Grey Bruce Trip to Bluesfest Saturday July 13th


This has made the rounds of Facebook, and some of the club chapters today. For those not connected here are the details, from the Grey Bruce point of view.

From Dave Allen:

We will be going to the Kincardine Lighthouse BluesFest.

This year on Saturday July 13 there will be an all-British Car Show from 11:00 until 4:00.

Since most of our troop will be coming from a northerly direction I thought we could meet at Carmel's Resturant at 9 Mill Street in Tiverton for Breakfast at 9:30.

Carmells at the corner of King and Mill Tiverton (map )

Carmel's is on the west side of Hwy 21 just south of County Road 15 where you turn from a westerly direction to a southerly one taking 21 through Tiverton.

The phone number is 519-368-5265. At 10:30 we will then proceed south to Boston Pizza at the corner of Hwys 9 and 21 in case we get any other members from the far south. This trip takes about 15 minutes.

Boston Pizza, (map )

We can then head into town for the show. This is an all British Car Show put on by The Kincardine and Area British Car Club, there is no registration fee and it includes a $10 voucher for the Bruce Bar and Grill.

Kincardine is right on Lake Huron and boasts beautiful beaches, fine dining, interesting shopping and great walking trails including a boardwalk on the beach.

At Bluesfest the bands playing at the 4 stages on the main street are free all day.

Lighthouse Blues Website

If you want to see the imported talent at night one day and weekend passes can be purchased. Please let me know if you are coming.

Mini Happy Returns, Dave.

Check out:

Lighthouse Blues Website
Kincardine and Area British Car Club
David E. Wood

July 6th 2013
Toy Drive October 6th!

Toy Run Last Year (click to enlarge)

British Car Council Annual Toy Drive
Preliminary Reminder To Put This Event On Your Club Calendar

Sunday, October 6th 2013, the British Car Council will sponsor the 2nd Annual Toy Drive Run. You are invited to join us for this event!
We want to attract as many members from various British car clubs in Ontario as possible.

The event will take place at the Country Heritage Park in Milton, Ontario, starting at 9am. All British car club members, driving their British car, will get free admittance to the park. (normally, admission is $8).

Each car will be given a ticket, for a number of draw prizes, to be held in the mid-afternoon.

The first 100 people to arrive & register, will be given tickets for tea or coffee and a doughnut.

And also a ticket for a bowl of homemade soup, a bread roll and a dessert around lunch time.

The park staff have very kindly given permission for us to use the old Ford garage display, with its antique petrol pumps, for photo opportunities with our cars. (see below)

We ask that you bring a new, unwrapped gift for a child or a teenager, which will be collected as part of the Salvation Army Toy Drive.

The Country Heritage Park is a lovely spot, and so you may want to pack a picnic.

Tour Master Paul Dullaert has organised an optional, but highly recommended, scenic drive through the fall colours of the Niagara Escarpment, with a ninety-minute duration, to leave at about 11:30 am. When the tour returns, we’ll have lunch, draw the prizes and the rest of the afternoon you’ll be free to explore the park.

Together, we can have a great day out with friends, and, with your gift donation, we can help make Christmas Day a bit more special for some less fortunate children.Click on the link below to visit the Country Heritage Park website:

Woodstock (NY) British Car Show

Pre-Registraion Fee: $15 Day of the Show: $20

All proceeds from this event will benefit the Woodstock Playhouse
(a non-profit organization)

Join more than 100 British car owners for a smashing display of classic, quirky, and lovable British classics, right in the heart of Woodstock, New York and the Catskill Mountains.

Cars will enter the field starting at 8:30 am, and the fun goes on all day. Around 2 pm, we'll present awards, including People's Choice and the Longest Distance Traveled.

Spectators are welcome, and FREE parking is available.

The heart of the picturesque historic hamlet of Woodstock is just minutes' walk from the Playhouse, offering shops, restaurants, live music, and much more.


From the South: NYS Thruway North to Exit 19 (Kingston). Follow Route 28 west (Speed Trap - stay under 50 mph) towards Pine Hill for eight miles to Route 375 . Right turn on 375 and follow for three miles to the end and intersection with Route 212. Turn left and the Playhouse will be on your right.

From the North: NYS Thruway South to Exit 20 (Saugerties). After the toll, turn left onto Route 32. Take to traffic light and turn right onto Route 212. Stay on Route 212 for approximately 9 miles to Woodstock. The Playhouse will be on the right just after the junction with Route 375.

From the West: Route 28 East to Route 375 (in West Hurley). Left turn and follow for three miles to the end and intersection with Route 212. Turn left and the Playhouse will be on your right.

From the East: Route 28 West to Route 375. Follow as above.

Peking to Paris Rally

This is an open road

This last weekend the 5th edition of The Endurance Rally Association Peking to Paris completed. It is a rugged run from Peking China, across Russia, through Eastern Europe to Paris France.

Most of the route was in flat deserts or Mongolia and grasslands of the Russian Steppes. Roads here may be more of a suggestion than an engineering accomplishment. Mountains popped up bordering Russia and Mongolia then Alps came up as the teams drove through Austria and Switzerland.

Entrants were drawn from all over the world. Canada was represented by 5 teams driving cars ranging from A 1928 Ford Model T to a 1960 Chevrolet Impala. All Canadians completed the rally. In the entire roster, only 7 cars retired.

There was one fatality in the event, Emma Wilkinson, one of the crew of Car 92, had been killed in a tragic traffic accident. Emma's partner and fellow competitor, Peter Davies, was unhurt. Emma was 46 years old with two children, she was a fun loving, lively and popular member of the rally.

Emma Wilkinson (inset) and Peter Davies
Day 04, Altanshiree - Ulaan Bataar

In the end there was Paris, cups, and champagne! Gerry Crown and Matt Bryson and their Leyland P76 were first overall. Gerry Crown is 81 and has driven in every Peking to Paris rally since its resurrection in 1997. This was his second win. Winners of the Vintageants category are Phil Garratt and Kieron Brown driving the same Chevrolet Fangio Coupe that was victorious on Peking to Paris 2010.

Left, Gerry Crown and Matt Bryson
Right, Phil Garratt and Kieron Brown

There is a wealth of stuff to go through on the Peking to Paris Rally site. There are pictures, a day by day Daily Rally Reports, links to participant sites.


Check out:

British Car Council
Country Heritage Park
Woodstock Car Show
Woodstock Car Show Facebook
The Endurance Rally Association
Peking to Paris Rally
Daily Rally Reports
links to participant sites
Classic & Sports Car

David E. Wood

June 29th 2013
Pier 4 Cruze, Hamilton, Looking For

Hi Everyone,

The organizers of the Pier 4 Cruze in Hamilton ('Rockin' the Waterfront') are looking for volunteers to assist in the orderly parking of the show cars every Thursday evening. The show park is owned by the City of Hamilton and all cars have to be parked in accordance with municipal fire regulations. Last Thursday they had 436 cars turn up, which is the maximum they are allowed to admit.

If you can spare a couple of hours any Thursday night, just turn up at Pier 4 Park, at the bottom of Bay Street North and Guise Street, Hamilton, Ontario. Show time is from 5.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m., but cars start to arrive well before that, so if you can be there any time after 4.00 p.m., just introduce yourself as a BSCCoC member to John at the gate and he will assign you a location to monitor.

Remember that Thursday August 22nd is "British and European Showcase" night and our club is co-sponsoring this event. We will certainly need volunteers from the club for this night!

The Cruze website is:

See you there!

John Griffith, Chair
British Saloon Car Club of Canada

The Great Race

The 2013 Great Race, runs from St. Paul MN, down the Mississippi River to Mobile AL. Sorry no Canadian portions this year.

Seven British cars are on the roster for this year. Mark Hyman, of Hyman Classic Cars, has entered a 1931 Bentley. Alan Runck has entered his 1967 Austin Healey BJ8 . The 1931 Rolls Royce of Jerome Reinan is pictured below. Cortright Wetherill entered his 1960 Morris Minor Traveler . Rounding out the seven are Edward Overmyer in his 1963 Jaguar E-Type , Alexander Ethier in his 1959 MGA, and James Turpen in his 1963 Austin Healey Sprite.

Check out:

Rockin the Water Front
The Great Race

Great Race Pictures
Gregg Jerdingen
Darrell Miller
"God's Child"
Stevie Longwith
Hagerty Classic Cars Sunday
Hagerty Classic Cars Monday
David E. Wood

June 22nd 2013

This is how the car was pictured when removed from its barn(I added the rest). It has been saved, details at Barn Finds

1953 Alvis TA21 Saloon

Good Afternoon,

I have a car that I think might be of interest to you. It is a 1953 Alvis TA21 Saloon. Attached are just a few of recent photos I have taken of our car.

I have been briefed on the history of this car from The Alvis Club and it is remarkable that our car has now been reregistered with the car club. According to them this car with a Mulliner body and the chassis number match M2565-TA21-100-24888cc records of export of only 20 total made with a left hand drive and the added carb with an early on chassis number. Only 11 of the (lhd) were exported to the States and 9 went to Canada in 1952.

Grant and Michelle (

The car is for sale
Details can be found on our Facebook or Yahoo Groups posting

Facebook Group Tops 100

DrAnjan Chatterjee (#99) is a Hindustan Ambassador (Amby) owner in India. He came to us through the Morris Oxford and Cowley group run by Matt Giesbrecht. With DrAnjan came Farzang Kolah (#100) and Aby Jacob followed at #101. We will now have some insight into Hindustan and British motoring from the Jewel in the crown of the Empire!

Check out more at the HM Ambassador and the Ambassador and Lanmaster Fans Facebook pages

So you wanna restore a car? Checklist

I've been working on a set of "Seven Questions" for new, would be restorers based on my experience building one of these cars and reading this site for three years. (I've seen a lot of folks come and go in that time) Ask these questions of yourself: (and be honest with your answers, the truth can hurt)

  1. Do you enjoy metal fabrication, problem solving, and general dirty, greasy, sharp metal shavings strewn in all directions type hard work?

    Yes- Continue to question 2.
    No- Stop now. Buy a completed car.

  2. Do you have a place to do aforementioned work, without offending the people who allow you to work there?

    Yes- Continue to question 3.
    No- Sorry but now is not the time.

  3. Do you have the space to dismantle and store parts from a donor car?

    Yes- Continue to question 4.
    No- Sorry but now is not the time.

  4. Are you the type of person that obsesses about things, but abruptly looses interest and moves on to something else new and fascinating? (girls count too)

    Yes- Maybe this project is not for you. It will take years of your life and must be regarded as a huge committment due to the cost and time involved. If this is what you want to do with all of your spare time and money for the next several years then go for it, but otherwise consider another hobby. Building one of these things requires altering your lifestyle. (for most folks)
    No- If you are a cold calculated, singleminded determined SOB then continue to question 5.

  5. Do you have the disposable income to pull this off? The most frugal of restorers will spend at least $3-$5k on this project.

    Yes- continue to question 6.
    No- Wait until you are more financially stable.

  6. Are you married to or do you have a low maintanance, understanding girlfriend?

    Yes- Good, you are a lucky man, treat her nice and move on to question 7.
    No- You need to decide which is more important to you, staying together or building a car. There will be friction at times. Time you used to spend with them will be spent in the garage.

  7. Do you have, or are you willing to aquire the tools, skills, and knowledge needed to pull this off? You need to know or be willing to learn how to weld. (Mig at least) Make sure to budget at least $1500 for tools if you're already got basic hand tools, and maybe $2000+ if you're starting from scratch. These tools last a lifetime, so they don't count in the cost of the car) You also need to have a basic understanding of, or be willing to learn how the different systems of a car work. Brakes, fuel, cooling, electrical, you will need to do it all.

    Yes- Congratulations, you just might be driving a car you restored from a rust pile some day.
    No- Sorry but this task may be a bit more than you can handle. Many more restoration projects are started than are ever finished. Consider yourself luckier than the poor SOB who poured every spare minute and dollar into one of these projects only to have to sell it off before completion
  8. From this

    To this takes work, plenty of it!

    I perloined this from the WBCC who perloined it from the MG Experience, who perloined it from a Locost Forum who perloined it from who knows where.

Check out:
Barn Finds
David E. Wood

June 15th 2013

Lost Metro

From Terence McKillen, of the Toronto Triumph Club we get this picture

Although not a member of BSCCC, I thought the attached photograph might be of interest to your web readers. I believe it is a Rover Metro Rio from the early 1990s and looks like it hasn’t moved much since!

I took the photograph while walking in Dublin last week.

Terence McKillen

One More Mile

Jim Ellis, his Dad, and a Brough Superior on the Flying Scotsman

This spring Jim had participated in the Flying Scotsman Rally from London to Edinborough. This is a rally for pre-war cars which tests drivers abilities and the car's durability.

Web Movin!

On the web we have been helping move a few cars this week. A 1956 Morris Oxford (Facebook , BritCarTalk) and a 1968 Ford Zodiac (Facebook , BritcarTalk)

Also on BritCarTalk, Al Penrose bought himself a '69 Vauxhall Viva. He now needs a windscreen rubber. Sorry no pictures of this one.

History Road car show at the Reynolds Museum

Both James Tworow and Doug Frechette were at the History Road Car Show at the Reynolds Museum in Wetaskiwin Alberta.

Check out:
One More Mile
Reynolds Museum
Doug Frechette's Brit History Rd. pics
James History Rd. pics
Dave Buchanan History Rd. pics

David E. Wood

June 8th 2013
It is a full Saturday

Bruce McLaren

Thanks to Tony, who sent in this picture of a young Bruce McLaren.

Bruce McLaren in his Austin 7 Ulster sometime in the mid 50s
Father Les is in rear.

Bruce McLaren career started at the age of 14 in this Austin 7 Ulster, restored by his father Les. As you can see from the picture, above, he was quite good in his racing and hillclimb career very early.

From here he went on to an F2 Cooper Climax Sport. Noticed in the New Zealand Grand Prix in 1958 by Jack Brabham, his career skyrocketed to F1 and Can-Am, and car building. Bruce McLaren died when his Can-Am car crashed at Goodwood Circuit in England on June 2nd 1970. For a more head to

Tobermory Run Construction Woes!

The Tobermory Run has been delt a blow from Highway 6 Construction between Springmount and Hepworth. This South of Wiarton and has no impact on any directions given from Wiarton earlier .

Here is the detour route for those coming north on Highway 6

Bypass around Owen Sound and Highway 6 Construction

At Rockford take the "Alternate Route to the Bruce Peninsula" This is the Grey County Rd. 18 bypass around Owen Sound to Springmount

County Rd. 18 takes a right turn at the lights, follow it.

At the intesection of Hwys 6 and 21 (lights) take Highway 21 West (left) toward Southhampton.

At Alvanley, about 7 miles (11 kilometers) along Hwy 21, turn North (right) on Bruce County #10.

Follow Bruce County #10 will take you through suburban Park Head, then on to Hepworth, where Hwy 6 North can be rejoined missing the construction!

Tri-Cities Circle Tour Sunday June 23rd

This is your invitation to participate in the Tri-Cities Circle Tour on Sunday, June 23rd (no rain date). We’d love to see you come with us for a nice Sunday drive (not a rally or a convoy). This is a repeat of our 2009 run. Details as follows:

A 148 mi. / 237 km. circuit of Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge on scenic and less travelled paved roads. Drive 2 1/2 hours in the morning before lunch. Lunch space is reserved at The Black Forest Inn, 1872 Sawmill Rd. in Conestoga and is a buffet for $19.95 per person (you cannot order from a menu). After lunch drive 2 hours back to where you started.

Start and End: The parking lot of the Flying J Travel Plaza and Papa Joe’s Restaurant on Cedar Creek Road (old Hwy 97) just east of 401 interchange #268 at kilometre 260 (401 and Cedar Creek). It is the next interchange west of Kitchener’s Homer Watson/Fountain St. exit.

Schedule as follows: Leave the Travel Plaza at 10:00 AM. Lunch in Conestogo 12:30 - 2:00 PM. Finish back at the Truck Plaza at 4:00 PM.

If you will be coming with us, just let us know how many people no later than Wednesday, June 19th so we can notify the restaurant.

If you need to come in a non-British car, that’s fine. If you are by yourself, come anyway and arrange to follow someone with a navigator.

See you there!

Paul and Jan Dullaert (

British Saloon Car Club of Canada

Start and End at Papa Joe’s Restaurant Cedar Creek Rd. Ayr

Lunch at The Black Forest Inn Conestoga

Mrs Ogilvy's Austin 10

Mrs. Ogilvy, wife of James A. Ogilvy a prominent Montreal merchant, traded in this Austin 10 Sherbourne on an Austin A50. Robert Barrell has written an article on how the Austin business changed in Montreal from the early days of the 20th Century when Mr. James Ogilvy imported Austins.

By the way, the car is for sale. Read on for more info!

Check out:
Bruce McLeren's Autobiography
Tobermory Tour Page
Mrs. Ogilvy's Austin

David E. Wood

June 1st 2013
In our first class in Orienteering, we are going to start with maps

No Trailer Queens Run
Halimand County Wilds and Attractions

Click To Go To Contest Site Haldimand County, The Wilds of Ontario
An Excellent Sunday Run
Words and pictures from Big Al and Darrell McDonald

Farther South And As Far West

The third Sunday in May is the day for the Annual All British Car Day in Gingin, Western Australia

Knitting this North and South is the Peking To Paris Rally

The Endurance Rally Association's Peking to Paris Rally has started its westward run. Its month long run will take it from the heart of China, up to the Mongolian Plain, through Siberia, the Russian Steppes, and back into Europe. You can follow it from The ERA's website .

Check out:
No Trailer Queens Run
Gingin 2013 Vimeo Video
Gingin 2013 Photo Album
Gingin British Car Day Facebook
Peking to Paris Rally
David E. Wood

May 25th 2013
What would I do without Facebook

Ladies and gentlemen... START YOUR ENGINES!

Click To Go To Contest Site Click above to go to the Contest Entry Form
(Just to let you know, this is not a BSCCoC Contest)

Owen Sound Rolls Royce Invasion From Alan Brand


Stag Owners Club ESM

Julie Gallagher posted pictures of the Stag Owners Club European Stag Meeting to our Facebook page.


The Stag Owners Club had time at the Prodrive Performance Centre in Kenilworth Warwickshire. Here there is a high speed circuit, skid pad and other on and off road circuits; there was some showtime at Charlecote House (Big Tudor Country House), amongst other events.

Sunday the Club joined with other Standards and Triumphs at the 90th Standard Triumph Anniversary Rally (aka STAR 90) at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon.

They took numerous pictures. There are 934 of them in their ESM 2013 album. I'll give you a link!

37 Stags and one non-Stag at Charlecote
Can you find the Non-Stag?

Check out:
Stag Owners Club
Stag Owners Club Facebook
European Stag Meet 2013 Flikr pictures
Charlecote Park
Prodrive Performance Centre
Prodrive Facebook
Heritage Motor Centre
Heritage Motor Centre Facebook

David E. Wood

May 18th 2013

Grey Bruce Waterloo Steam Train Tour

Due to scheduling conflicts the tour has been moved to June 29. Please Contact Dave Allen,, for more at this time.

Winnipeg Swap Meet - the British Cars

Matthew posted some pictures to our Facebook Site, here they are for you non-Facebook people.

Eastenders' Garage Tour

Alan Weller sent in some pictures from the latest Eastender's Garage tour to Frank Russell's Garage to look over his Commer Van. And to Joe Potipco's Garage to take in his MGA.

Frank's Commer has a ways to go, Joe's MGA looks like it is coming out soon, if it not always out.



Frank's Lane

Last British Leyland Mini To Leave Longbridge

It was rescued by a former Longbridge employee Steve Morgan in November of 2012. If he did not step in this car would have been entombed or scrapped.

How did this little Clubman end up in this state?

Shortly after its manufacture it became a plant car, carrying people around the expanse of the factory. It only did this for a short time, with an odometer only showing 11 miles, a shipping container falling on it.


Only 11 miles, died far too soon

Its fate was to languish in the bowels of the factory. Not unknown, it has had many parts removed and has suffered years of vandalism, and suprisingly has been photographed

Down in the bowels of Longbridge

Some of the worst of the damage and vandalism has been bashed out

It is now on the books for Silverstone Auctions Classic Event on the 27th of July. Maybe this is a bit of history you can afford.

Check out:
Eastenders' Garage Tour
Mini Listing
Silverstone Auctions
Top Gear
David E. Wood

May 11th 2013

May Rallye Run- Sunday May 26th 2013
From Big Al

This is happening rain or shine-/Plans are well underway-Just bring your classic brit car, full of gas and in running condition-

We will start from the shores of Lake Erie @ 13157 Lakeshore Road, Wainfleet-Just about as far west as you go and still be in the Niagara Region-Easy to get to, west of Port Colborne or come down Regional Road 24 from the Vineland area-

Our trip will take us into Haldimand County thru the Town of Dunnville, crossing the Grand River bridge, and out to Port Maitland to stretch our legs, back in the cars and up the road to the WW 11 air base # 6 (SFTS#6) to view their very interesting little known war museum- Heading up the lake along lake Shore road to view the country side and of course the new wind mills that are springing up all over-Leaving the lakeshore we head over to Rainham Centre for an ice cream break & walk about-

We the head north again to the Grand River and turn east along the river to-ward the hamlet of Byng where we once again cross the bridge and follow the river west along the north bank-A BIG SURPRISE awaits us there, where once again we can stop, stretch your legs and take pictures-(Bring your camera)-Closing out the tour in Dunnville we hope to see a major ongoing restoration process of a woeful Morris Minor convertible-From there we can head back to the starting point along the old feeder canal- See you all there-


Cruzin' on the Square - Waterloo
From Paul and Jan Dullaert

Join the City of Waterloo for the second annual Cruzin' on the Square. It is coming up on May 24 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Waterloo Public Square.

This event will feature classic and specialty cars, vendors, activities and live entertainment by Another Blind Date.

Only 250 spots are available to showcase your car. Please use this registration form to preregister.

All participants must preregister by May 15. Cars must be 1985 or older or be a special vehicle

Show vendors will include
BoominCar Audio
Zehr Insurance
Fuel Saving Guys
Speedy Glass
Part Source
Rust Check
Princess Auto

Tottenham Car Show - July 7th
From Bill Davies, via Paul and Jan Dullaert

We have been invited to attend the annual Tottenham Car Show which is in an enjoyable and scenic part of our province and will be held on Sunday, July 7th, 2013.

Historically, I am told that the show, even though it has attracted an attendance of up to several hundred cars, has not had a notable British contingent and would welcome the diversity that is endemic in a Club such as ours.

So, the idea was seeded, germinated and offered an opportunity to take an enjoyable cross country run via a variety of routes. For those of us for whom Georgetown, Ontario provides a convenient starting point, the ever generous Phil and Wendy Miller are allowing us to gather at Miller’s Scottish Bakery on Main Street, approximately opposite the road from Canadian Tire and almost adjacent to a Tim Hortons.

From there, our own Bob Shaw who possesses an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Ontario back roads will devise a scenic route to the show and maps will be distributed at out gathering point. We can depart individually at our leisure, or form one of those town stopping convoys, starting around 10 a.m. This should cause us to arrive around 11 to 11:15, and the same Bob Shaw will be on hand to guide us to a parking area sited for us to gather as a group.

Food is available at the event as will be various entertainments and lots to look at and discuss. Presumably there will also be stuff on sale and other wotnots to do or digest.

The bad news: all attendees have to pay $15 to enter. This is payable at the gate and gains entry for “one car including all occupants”. Time to see how many people you can really fit into a Mini?

So, to repeat for those starting from Georgetown:

0800 to 0930: Gather at Phil and Wendy’s. Make sure you get a map of the route.

1000: Depart from Georgetown with adequate refreshments.

1100 or so: Arrive at the Tottenham Car Show. Pay $15 to the honest guy.

Then: Park and enjoy yourselves.

Depart: When you like or as Lucas demands.

Finally, since we have no idea of how many of us will attend, will all of those who want to go (irrespective of where you’ll start from) please let Bill Davies know @

The purpose for this is so that the show can get a rough idea of how many cars will attend so that a suitable area can be marked off for us. This again will be done by Bob Shaw early on the morning of the event and since he is "one of us" we can be reasonably sure of advantageous placement.

Hope to see us all there!

London to Lisbon In a Austin 7 Ulster
From, well, me :) via Hagerty UK's Facebook Site

Hagerty Classic Car Insurance in the UK has a 1930 Austin 7 Ulster, Little George, as it's mascot. It travels to various shows and events where Hagerty displays. It has a nice amount of 80 odd year patina.

This past April and early May, Hagerty entered the Austin in the London to Lisbon HERO rally campaigned by Angus Forsyth & Marcus Atkinson. From what I read on their Facebook posts they were not mechanical people, so thank god for support.

Tony Large

Little George At the Start

This 2,400 mile, 9 day, journey did take its toll on the car. The second day a suspension arm broke and was quickly fixed. They were almost out after this but chance meeting and an all night session Little George was back in the rally. He had to catch up, but he was still in. This was repeated a few more times along the rally.

From Hagerty UK's Facebook Site

Little George

They did not top in the results but did bring home numerous awards. Spirit of the Rally Award, Veteran's Award, a Green Riband, and the Numb Bum Club Team prize. They had penalties but made up for it in tenacity and spirit.

From Hagerty UK's Facebook Site

Little George Driven By Angus Forsyth

From Hagerty UK's Facebook Site

Little George With A Little Room Left Over

From Hagerty UK's Facebook Site

Little George Meets Little Donkey

From Hagerty UK's Facebook Site

Little George At the End In Lisbon

Check out:
Waterloo Cruise-In On the Square
Tottenham Car Show
Hagerty Collector Cars UK
Hagerty Facebook Site
David E. Wood

May 4th 2013

Oily Rag Deadline Tomorrow

Time to send in your writings to Ryan

New Facebook Group

Matthew Giesbrecht has started a new Facebook group for Morris Oxfords. It has not reached critical mass yet but will soon.

Check out:
Morris Oxford Group

David E. Wood

April 27th 2013


It was the best day at Ancester in many years. The sun was out and the rain, hail, sleet, and snow were elsewhere!

See pictures by myself and Gerry Hancock

Jim and the Flying Scotsman

Jim and his Dad have had their run on the Flying Scotsman. From their pictures it looked like they had fun Jim is writing up an article for the Oily Rag, which will be coming out in just a bit.

Niagara Drive - Short Notice

The Niagara group has organized a bit of a tour from Welland down through Port Colborne and back to Welland to a Tims of your choice for lunch. We will see the Incredible shrinking mill in Port, an optical illusion worth seeing.

We will meet at Bada Bing at the corner of Maple Ave. and Prince Charles in Welland at 10:00 AM.. The tour is about an hour of purposeful driving but you can take as long as you want. The weatherman is forecasting a beautiful day on Sunday.

If you want more info, please email me.

Harold Leece,

Check out:
Flying Scotsman

David E. Wood

April 20th 2013


Tomorrow (Sunday) is the day, at the new Ancaster Fairgrounds , Trinity Rd at Wilson (old Hwy 5), Ancaster.

Jim and the Flying Scotsman

Jim and David started this morning, at about 8:45, for the first day of the Scotsman. Saturday and Sunday the journey continues. More coming later!

Endurance Rally Association

First Day Results

Lets hope they fare better than these guys!



David E. Wood

April 13th 2013

The Tub Tour, June 22nd, 2013

Robert Ockenden

On a mid June Saturday in 2012 Robert Ockenden went to this edge for the Annual Chi-Cheemaun Festival Car Show. Here he found the Austin 7 above, among many other cars at this show. According to Rob it had the best Goodie Bag of any car show.

He wants you all, yes all, to come up June 22nd, 2013! On your own nickel of course. Rob is frugal and can't afford all of you. Rob wants to meet up at Rachel's Bakery and 50s Diner in Lions Head at 10 AM.

Robert Ockenden

Rachels Bakery and 50s Diner (Facebook)
79 Main St., Lions Head Ontario

There are two routes to Lions Head, and Rachel's.

The first is to take Hwy 6 north from Wiarton to Ferndale where there is a right turn onto Bruce County Rd 9, then left on Main St. of Lions Head.

The second, scenic, route is on Bruce County Rd 9, aka the East Bury Road, which a right turn off of Hwy 6, just north of Wiarton. This winds through Colpoy's Bay, to become Main St. in Lions Head.

Rachel’s is on the east side of Lion’s Head’s Main St., just next to the Royal Bank. The coffee, tea, and baked goods are excellent. There will be enough time to stop and indulge before heading on up to Tobermory.

The route to Tobermory is is north on the East Bury Caudle Side Rd, and back to Hwy 6. From here it is a straight drive to Tobermory, arriving around 12:30 PM. at the Chi-Cheemaun terminal parking lot, which is given over to the car show for the day. Show runs 1:00 PM. to 5:00 PM.

In addition to classic North American cars, there are usually a small number of British classics at this show; Minis, Morrises, Triumphs, Bug-eyes, Jags etc., even an Austin 7, and occasionally, a Rolls.

There is no admission charge!

Last year the goodie bag contained two 'walk-on' return passes for the Chi-Cheemaun, which could be turned in for credit on vehicle fares, a Chi-Cheemaun T shirt, two Chi-Cheemaun lapel pins, two free-lunch tickets, and lots of other stuff! There were also numerous door prizes.

The harbour will be alive with nautical activity!!

Questions? E-mail me!


Explore The Bruce

Jim Ellis
And the Flying Scotsman

Jim Ellis and his Step-Dad David Moore are participating in the Endurance Rally Association Flying Scotsman Rally, this year. Their entry is David's 1935 Brough Superior (scroll down a bit) , car no. 46 in the Vintageant (pre '41) over 4000cc class.

The rally is starting this Friday, the 19th at Hertfordshire and will wind north to Auchterader a little north of Edinburgh.

Anybody know a Rally Fan on the route (details at the ERA website )? We need to cheer them on.

Robert Grounds

Bob Little

Congratulations to Kirk Blake-Dickson and his son David On their first SNATR


Check out:
Tub Tour!
the Flying Scotsman
Brough Superior (scroll down a bit)
Kitchener Waterloo Rally Club
Kitchener Waterloo Rally Club Facebook
KW Rally Club SNATR Series
David E. Wood

April 6th 2013

May 5th 2013


Send your submissions to Ryan Adams,
C'mon, send your stuff!
New writers, former writers
Start fulfilling your dreams of being a novelist!!

Would You Be My Neighbour
Jim and Daniel Colburne Right on Target

Daniel Colburne

Daniel Colburne posted these pictures to our Facebook Group
Easter Sunday morning.
Jim and he have their Morris out for the year in March!
As an added note, Target has no parts for Minors 


New Group! New Group!
If you want to snoop it out head off to

And the Facebook posting that prompted it!


One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster

Derek Foy spotted this Rolls in Bangkok Thailand
while heading back to his ship
He has a ship??

David E. Wood

March 30th 2013


David E. Wood

March 23rd 2013

Ready to Rally?

Sunday May 26th is the day. That is when the Girls Inc. of Halton is holding their 5th annual fun rally through the twisty roads of Halton.

Rally entrants gather at Milton's Country Heritage Park on Tremain Rd. for 9AM for registration with departures starting at 11AM.

The rally is about 3 hours in length. Returning to the Country Heritage Park for a Barbecue and an afternoon car show

The rally has a limit of 60 entries, and for those who don't want to rally there is a car show in the park.

More details and contacts are all at the Girls Inc. Flyer.

Snap Milton

Upcoming Stuff

One of the items from the AGM was to get events, ours and others out a bit earlier!

Well, fresh off of last year's Tub Tour , Robert Ockenden is working on this year's Tub Tour. Details coming soon.

Paul Dullaert sent a notice about the Monkton Rhubarb Festival Car Show on Saturday, June 23rd.

Not to be forgotten is the Fleetwood Country Cruise-In coming up June 7,8, 9.

There are some embryonic plans for a tour to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, more to come!

Old Stuff

I've been going through some old pictures of mine, scanning them in to modern digital formats. While waxing nostalgic I came across these pictures, taken while I was going or coming from somewhere in My '67 Mustang. This was Summer 1988, 25 years ago.

I have no context to put them in, other than explained above. Recognize anyone?

Check out:
Girls Inc Halton Rally Flyer
Snap Milton's Pictures 2012
Snap Milton's Pictures 2011

David E. Wood

March 16th 2013


Paul and Jan Dullaert and the Westenders at Milton's in Kitchener hosted the AGM. A couple dozen of us attended. We have a new Chairman, John Griffith, and a new Vice Chairman, Roderick Sergiades. The rest of the board remain.

Here is a note from our new Chairman John Griffith

Greetings fellow British Saloon Car enthusiasts!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is John Griffith and I was fortunate enough to be elected to the position of Chair of the British Saloon Car Club of Canada at the A.G.M. in March. Although I was born in Manchester, I have lived in Canada for more than 40 years. I have been a member of the Club since 1995, but I must admit that I have not been what one would call an “active” member. The primary reason for this, I suppose, is that I do not own a British car, and have not done since I sold my M.G. TA to pay for my ticket to Canada in 1969.

I am certainly looking forward to accepting the challenges that this position might throw my way, and I am looking forward to working with the executive team and with all the area co-ordinators. I say ‘working’, but I hope that this will turn out to be a ‘labour of love’ rather than a job!

I will make every effort to attend a few more runs in the future, although Roger has quietly suggested that I keep my Ford Focus well to the rear of the ‘parade!’

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

John Griffith

We wish them the best in the upcoming year.

Now, there have been a couple of changes, the Oily Rag is now going to be published 4 times a year, and our calendar will list events further in the future. The website will not see any changes, other than keeping up with it all.

Looks like I have a bit to catch up on!

From Facebook we see Spring is coming!

John Mackenzie

Chanonry Point , Scotland March the 2nd.

This is John Mackenzie with Daughter-In-Law Chelsea, who was reluctant to get in but enjoyed the experience so much that she had to persuaded that it was time to get out!.

His Austin 7 is a "special" based on a 1935 Ruby chassis and built by John using a Rod Yates body and loads of second hand or re-manufactured parts.

See, Spring is coming! - Ed.

Jaguar XK 150 S Shooting Brake

This 1959 Jaguar started out normally enough. It went through two owners as a Cream and Maroon 3.8 XK 150 S fixed head coupe. The third owner wanted something different.

WSM Cars (14/01/2013 Jaguar Still .)

6797N pictured in the New Forest in 1964

Peels of Kingston upon Thames was commissioned to convert the car to an Estate, with a trailer hitch. It was also fitted with a full-blown racing E-type engine. It was then known as the 'Tow Car'. It towed an Ex-Bira Remus ERA to race meetings and hill climbs and also towed the families Gypsy Moth aeroplane. It also raced in the Jaguar Drivers Club race meetings.

GB Dönni Classic Cars (Facebook)

GB Dönni Classic Cars (Facebook)

Eventually the car ended up in a sad state
as seen in this magazine picture.


It went through a restoration process. Only one thing was missed.
A trailer hitch.

The Shooting Brake

After another round of restoration it looks great and again fulfills its purpose of being a "Tow Car".

For more detail on this car's passage through time check out the Shooting Brake Article and their slide show

Oh, by the way, you can buy yourself a 1/43 rd scale resin model of this car €65 from Kit Miniatures

Check out:

Milton's Restaurant, Kitchener
Chanonry Point
Shooting Brake Article
Kit Miniatures
David E. Wood

March 9th 2013

Time To Ease Out of Winter

The sun is shining, my eaves are dripping, and the dog is staring at me wanting a walk.

So, 'scuse me for a moment. ... ... ... ... Ok, I'm back.

This week it's time to catch up on stuff I received over the last few weeks.

Bruce Grey Matters

Gazing out the window to the blackness of winter in the countryside of Bruce County makes me anxious for spring time which will rejuvenate my relationship with my old friend Nigel the mini and once again we will be scooting hither and yon. At Grey-Bruce Chapter we stay busy with our once a month gatherings which serve the dual purpose of keeping me focused on spring coming up and nourishing the soul with good food, good company and good surroundings. If anyone is interested in a unique destination during winter doldrums we get together on the third Sunday of the month at 11:30 for brunch in the winter at Great Books aka The Williamsford Mill. It is a mid 1800s mill with the interior character intact including a wood burning fireplace and filled with 2 floors of new and used books and an eclectic menu located about 40 minutes north of Mt. Forest on Hwy 6. Refer to the Oily Rag events or contact me before coming because we sometimes substitute a meeting for a tour somewhere.

Last spring and summer we visited waterfalls, a winery, antique stores, a museum including historic outbuildings, and more. We aim for one tour per month through some of the best scenery in the province. We are presently looking into this touring season which may include an airport, 50s diner, steam train ride to St. Jacob’s Market, and maybe a mystery tour. There are British car clubs in Collingwood and Kincardine so we may try to link up with them. We will have more details as time goes by and if you are considering joining us for a tour please get in touch first just to verify details.

Dave Allen
Grey-Bruce Chapter.

Tentative Schedule

March 17 - Williamsford
April 14 - Williamsford (Ancaster is the next Sunday)
May 18 - St. Jacobs Steam Train tour (Rain date June 29)
June 16(?) - Cruise to Lion’s Head 50s Diner.
July 20 - Dragonfly Café, Hwy 6 North of Chatsworth.
August - TBA
Sept 22 - Lake Huron Lighthouse tour.
Oct 5 or 6 - Pumpkinfest Pt. Elgin

From Alan Weller

The cars in the back yard behind the garage (outdoor storage as you call it) are (unfortunately) mine. From left to right, Series 3 Sunbeam Alpine (parts car for one I am restoring which is in the heated garage), 1959 Sunbeam Rapier Convertible (to be restored), Series 5 Sunbeam Alpine (to be restored). Next is a 1960 Morris Minor convertible sitting under the tree (also needs restoring and a new home). And, finally, my 1959 Jaguar Mk1.



You're going to have to wait 'til Christmas to see rest of the picture - Editor

From Paul Dullaert

This is a power point show featuring Cité de l’Automobile, Musée national de l’automobile, Collection Schlumpf, Mulhouse, France.


Click on picture to view slide show

The slide show is not automatic
To move forward - left mouse button or keyboard "n" or "spacebar" buttons
To move backwards - "p" or "backspace" keyboard buttons

From Facebook


Check out:

David E. Wood

March 2nd 2013

Bruce Grey Mob Tour to the Guild
(the Guild of Automotive Restorers)

Some would say, "its about the journey, not the destination".


This was all about the destination, the Guild of Automotive Restorers in Bradford.

Dave Allen had wanted to do a trip there for some time now. Last Saturday was the day!

Sandwiched between February storms, most of the day went off like clock work.

The Guild has, on the order of, a couple of dozen projects going on at any time. Not all of them are high end cars, there are cars of every vintage, and nationality. And there are some non-cars, more than one boat has gone through the shop. They can fabricate just about anything in house. Chrome and glass are out sourced to trusted suppliers.

They also buy and sell, some show room cars are for sale, again checking their website will show current inventory.

The Guild of Automotive Restorers is the center piece of the History TV show Canadian Restorers. The pilot episode is on the History website.



Check out:
Bruce Grey Mob Tour to the Guild
the Guild of Automotive Restorers
Canadian Restorers Pilot

David E. Wood

February 23rd 2013

Minor Mob Tour to the Tub (Tobermory)

Click on image for full Google Map

One one of those beautiful, global warmed, Fall days last October the Minor Mob toured north on the back roads from Wiarton (home of Willy) to Tobermory at the end of the Bruce Peninsula.

They wound along the coasts and back roads and presented many picture opportunities.



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David E. Wood

February 16th 2013

Top Down Sea to Ski Drive In February!

I received this e-mail from Christian Proud-Diaz, President of the Automobile Club de Nice.

Thanks for you info about our first Prom' des Neiges last year, found on the web recently.

This e-mail just to let you know we strike again on next 10th February and 24 cars will do the run this year, including classics such as : Hotchkiss AM80 1930, MGB, Lotus 7, Lotus S4, Triumph Herald, Alfa Roméo Spider, Datsun 280 ZX, Peugeot 304 cabriolet, MG Midget, Morgan +4, Morgan Tourer, Porsche 911 Carrera, TVR Chimaera, Triumph Spitfire MkIV.

More about here :

We would be honored to welcome some Canadian teams next year ! I bet you know about winter driving...

Best regards,

Christian PROUD-DIAZ

Here are some pictures from this last weekend's event.

Photo courtesy Automobile Club de Nice

Ski Bunny is taking a trip from the French Riviera to the ski village of Valberg

Photos courtesy Automobile Club de Nice (click to enlarge)

30 cars gathered at a beach front park on Promenade des Anglais.
The weather looks a bit chilly down here by the sea.

Photos courtesy Automobile Club de Nice (click to enlarge)

1950 Hotchkiss "Biarritz" owned by Patrice Ambroggi
He is ready for any driving conditions

Photos courtesy Automobile Club de Nice (click to enlarge)

1930 Hotchkiss AM80 owned by Claude Alquier

Photos courtesy Automobile Club de Nice (click to enlarge)

"Falling Temperatures Be Vigilant", this is at the warm end of the trip
Ski Bunny riding in a Triumph Herald

Photos courtesy Automobile Club de Nice (click to enlarge)

Three in a row, Renault Caravelle, Peugot 304 Cabrio, Hotchkiss Barritz
Baby its cold out here

Photos courtesy Automobile Club de Nice (click to enlarge)

Winding up the mountain roads to Valberg

Photos courtesy Automobile Club de Nice (click to enlarge)

Winding up the mountain roads to Valberg

Photos courtesy Automobile Club de Nice (click to enlarge)

Now it is time to put up the top. Will it be up on the trip back?
Food and comraderie

So there you have it. We have been invited, keep next February open if you are going to be in the south of France.

Check out:
Automobile Club de Nice
Automobile Club de Nice - Google Plus
2e Prmom des Neiges Google+ Album
David E. Wood
February 23rd 2013


Check out the video of the event from Media06

February 9th 2013

The First Signs of Summer!


Mini Meet North 2013
June 14-16 2013.
Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
(formally Mosport International Raceway)

But Until Then, Back To Reality!


Check out:
Mini Meet North
Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
Mini Meet North - Facebook
Canadian Tire Motorsport Park - Facebook
David E. Wood

February 6th 2013

Guild Tour Updates

Below is the latest and hopefully last agenda for the tour to Bradford.

Our winter incentive tour will be to The Guild of Automotive Restorers on Saturday Feb 23.

We will meet at 9:30 at the Redwood Restaurant on the north side of Highway 9 just north of Clifford at the junction of County Road 10 which goes north to Neustadt and Hanover.

We will proceed south to Harriston, turn left (east) on Hwy 89 and follow it to Primrose which is just east of Hwy 10 on 89 . There we will meet up with the contingent from Owen Sound at roughly 10:30.

We will continue east to Hwy 11 where we will turn south and head to Bradford (watch for the Guild on the RH side).

We will actually go past the Guild and continue south to Newmarket where we will go to The Crow's Nest Pub at 115 Prospect St. for lunch.

We get there by proceeding south on Hwy 11 until we reach Davis Drive (hwy 9) at the north end of Newmarket.

From there turn left (east) and head along Davis until we reach Prospect.

Turn right (south) and proceed to the pub. Expect to arrive at the Crow's Nest at about 11:45-12:00 have lunch and head back up to Bradford for the tour at 1:00.

The Guild is at 44 Bridge St. which is hwy 11.

Mini Happy Returns,

Dave Allen (,
Coordinator Grey-Bruce Chapter British Saloon Car Club of Canada

Google Maps

Redwood Restaurant Elora St. and West Heritage St., Clifford

Google Maps

Champ Burger, North East corner of Hwy 10 and 89

Google Maps

The Guild of Automotive Restorers
44 Bridge Street
Bradford, Ontario

Google Maps

Crow's Nest Pub 115 Prospect St., Newmarket

Check out:
The Guild Site
The Guild Facebook Site
Champ Burger Google + page
Crow's Nest Pub
David E. Wood

February 2nd 2013

Damn, Its Cold

A Modern Jaguar, north on the Dempster Highway. A cushy ride like this should be a pleasant time, even where temperatures can drop to the minus forties. So, why did they stop at the Arctic Circle. If you are going to the north why stop and turn around with half the road still to go.

How about on a bike? Definitely no cush here (its Russian). It, and rider traveled all the way to the end of the Dempster at Inuvik, and then all the way to Tuktoyaktuk via the ice road that follows the Mackenzie River to the Beaufort Sea then to Tuktoyaktuk.

Robert Kolenc (Northern Rob) was that rider, long rides at the edges of the world are his hobby. This trip was made on his Russian army sidecar bike, the Ural Gear Up. It is old world designed tough, just what this trip needs.

This trip started at Mile 0 of the Dempster, April 1st of 2010. This date takes advantage of good light for photography after the Equinox. Yes, he and his support guys took pictures. This date is close to the end of the Ice Road season but not late enough for it to encounter the melty, slushy mess at the end.

The journey completed at Tuktoyaktuk. 456 miles on the Dempster and a further 115 miles on the Ice Road

Robert Kolenc

Starting the Ice Road just north of Inuvik

Robert Kolenc

Cold Cold Ride.

Robert Kolenc


Check out:
Jay Leno’s Garage
Riders West Magazine
Trip First Announcement
Shakeout Ride Pics
Christmas at Tuk and Whitehorse to Dawson
The Ice Road

Ural Dealer (Old Vintage Cranks) Hillsburgh
Wanna take your own trip?
David E. Wood

January 26th 2013

Anything Hanging On Your Garage Walls?

Classic & Sports Car

Cyril Edward Power Print

(from Classic & Sports Car) The print, above, was thought by its owner have a value of just £20. It had spent 25 years on his garage wall before it was brought to the attention of automobilia experts at Bonhams, who recognized it to be a linocut print, Speed Trial, by Cyril Edward Power.

According to records it is number seven of 60 produced based on Sir Malcolm Campbell's record-breaking car Bluebird.

The image is estimated to make £40-60,000 at Bonhams’ Print sale on 20 February.

The value of the print was a surprise to its owner. Now, Jay Leno has plenty of art in his garage, and I think he knows how much it is worth. I doubt he gets many deals, it is like trying to get a cut rate price on some renovation work on a 5,000 square foot house.

It is a show garage for his collection; you would probably have to look good and hard for a grease stain or oil drip. The walls are covered in enlarged period posters, and product advertisements, with some very large scale original art. When you have walls this big framed magazine pages just won't cut it.


A European Corner of Jay's Garage

Below is a picture of my friend Dale Bain's shop. He cars of choice are Micro cars, basically under a litre in engine displacement or fewer than 4 wheels. His collection first started with Toyota Publicas and branched into King Midgets and further. My Sprite, Bugsy, is festively outfitted for Christmas. This wall is adorned with King Midget badges, show posters, copies of manuals and sales literature.

David Wood

One corner of Dale Bain`s Shop

So, what's on your garage walls? Magazine cutaways of your car or desired car? Vintage ads? Maybe a cork board with pictures of your adventures. A collection of Snap On calendars?

Send me a picture of your garage walls, I can put them up here and on our Facebook page.

Have fun!
Check out:
Classic & Sports Car Article
Jalopnik`s Jay Leno Garage Gallery
Cyril Edward Power
David E. Wood

January 19th 2013

Wanna Beat the February Blahs?

Hope you had a merry Xmas and Happy safe NewYear.

We are making final preparations for our winter incentive tour to The Guild of Automotive Restorers on Saturday Feb 23.

We will meet at 9:30 at the Redwood Restaurant on the north side of Highway 9 just north of Clifford at the junction of County Road 10 which goes north to Neustadt and Hanover.

We will proceed south to Harriston, turn east on Hwy 89 and follow it to Old Hwy 11 (Yonge St.) at Fennell.

We will then turn south on Old Hwy 11 and head to Bradford, following Old Hwy 11 as it turns, east, at Holland St. E. then right on to Bridge St. Watch for the Guild on the RH side.

Arrival time will be roughly 11:30.

This is a first class restoration facility which has been featured on TV and does everything in house from complete frame off restorations on classics like Bugattis and Bentleys to minor work and maintenance on American cars. This tour should not be missed.

This event is open to all club members, notices are going out to all chapters. (Some of you may want to skip the rendezvous at the Redwood Restaurant though)

RSVP To Dave Allen ( by Saturday Feb. 2.

Mini Happy Returns,

Dave Allen,
Coordinator Grey-Bruce Chapter British Saloon Car Club of Canada

The Guild of Automotive Restorers

1982 Landrover 109 Series 3, and it's for sale!

The Guild of Automotive Restorers

Drool over this 1947 Beutler Healey, also for sale!

The Guild of Automotive Restorers
44 Bridge Street
Bradford, Ontario

Check out:
The Guild Site
The Guild Facebook Site
David E. Wood

January 12th 2013

HELP! Can You Help Find the History Of My Car?

I’m trying to find out the history and trace previous owners of my 1969 S4 lotus Elan dhc SE SN. 45/8602.

I think it was 1993 when the car came to the US. I bought the car several years back in California, I was told the car driven directly from Ontario to California, so it would been in Ontario for most of its existence. All I know was the Elan was delivered to Sports Cars Unlimited in Clarkston Ontario early 1969.

It has a couple of stickers on the windshield that are pretty unique and I have included photos. The car, prior to restoration was a dark blue as now but is in sprint colour scheme.

I found an old insurance tag from a company in Guelph, but they could not provide any information. What is funny is I lived in Brantford/Hamilton area for 9 years before moving to the US. I’m very familiar with the area.

I haven't had any luck with the 2 sticker leads, I have contacted both BARC and the CRCA, and the Lotus Club.

I thought I had a lead when Lotus told me about Sport Cars Unlimited, but they have been gone for years.

It always a shot in the dark with this stuff. I tried to focus on car clubs near where I believe the car was owned in Ontario.

I have spent several years restoring the car

Any help is greatly appreciated.

James Jordan,


James with son Cory many years ago


Cool Cruisin` in California


BARC and Canadian Race Communications Association stickers





At Home in Cali, with new project, a Swedish imported Mk1 Rally Ford Escort, in background.

When it rains it pours.

Sunday morning, the 13th, I received an e-mail from Rupert Lloyd Thomas. He is looking for more information on Wheaton Motors. His message follows:

To: David E. Wood

Hi David,
Find attached picture for your website (includes ref).
Trying to find out all I can ref this company.
Charles Wheaton, prop, was early pioneer racer in early fifties: Bentley 4¼, Cooper FIII, Aston Martin DB2 etc.
Formerly traded as Trident Motors etc.

Best regards
Rupert (


Now, Rupert sent me an advertisement full of Mercedes. Wheaton also sold Land Rover and Hillman as seen in the ads below



Check out:
Lotus Club Canada
David E. Wood

January 5th 2013

A New Year A New Centenary


Aston Martin's Centenary is this year.

Festivities commence the 15th January. This date marks the official incorporation of the company by founders Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford in 1913. A commemorative plaque reveal will be held in Henniker Mews in London, the original home address of Aston Martin.

Competition and Auction events will build to a peak from the 13th through the 21st of July. There will be more racing, concours, and party events.

The last of the official events will be at the Silverstone Classic the 27th and 28th of July.

For more information head off to their site at

Facebook has been busy here over the last few weeks! If you are not on, you are missing!


Doug Frechette has been out searching new cars in Alberta and Saskatchewan


Dror Wassershtain started off the Christmas Card collection at Facebook


John Voelcker brought more Christmas Cards and Wallace and Grommit


Pedal cars started making more of an appearance, this one an Ebay auction posted by Alan Brand


I found out where old Metropolitans go after years of faithful service

Check out:
Aston Martin's Centenary site

David E. Wood

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