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October 4th 2015
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British Car Council Toy Run

It may have been threatening a cold rain in the morning, but that chilly morning moved its way to a beautiful fall afternoon.

Brave souls in their sports cars came that morning, with tops, tonneaus, and, some, fully open to the world. With them, saloon owners came to the Country Heritage Park in Milton for a great day full of cars, dance, cars, lunch, music, cars, and generosity.

We gathered together, late in the driving season to bring joy to kids. Some may need a bit more this Christmas, and with our help they will with the toys and contributions made to the Salvation Army Christmas drive.

Enjoy the pictures!

There are rumours that Santa Claus is coming!

David Wood DSCF5725.JPG

People are gathering

David Wood DSCF5727.JPG

Anne is heading over to take pictures

David Wood DSCF5734.JPG

Here is Santa!

David Wood DSCF5743.JPG

Mints for her

David Wood DSCF5747.JPG

Paddington Bear Banana Chips for them

David Wood DSCF5750.JPG

Here we can analyse Santa's Throwing style
Right arm over the shoulder, left arm forward

David Wood DSCF5751.JPG

Mints Away!

David Wood DSCF5754.JPG

Howard Grant as Santa, Ray Stevens as Rudolph
Thanks guys!

David Wood DSCF5756.JPG

This must be the Hanoverian side of the family

I heard soup's on

David Wood DSCF5757.JPG

John Griffith, John & Lynn Wright (I think), Al Stoller
And back at the back is Paul Dullaert

David Wood DSCF5763.JPG

Soup and a roll

David Wood DSCF5766.JPG

And it was good!

David Wood DSCF5809.JPG

Catered by Patrick Beatty from Risposta Bistro,
24 Crawford Crescent, Campbellville, ON L0P 1B0.
Website Facebook

The Haul!

David Wood DSCF5761.JPG

This is why we were here
To bring joy to kids this Christmas

David Wood DSCF5762.JPG

I think we did pretty good

David Wood DSCF5794.JPG

Majors Lise and Darrell Jackson
thanking us for being the start of their Christmas Season

David Wood DSCF5769.JPG

Phil Miller and Majors Darrell and Lise Jackson

David Wood DSCF5773.JPG

Here is the group who brought this all together, from left to right
Wendy Miller, Lise Jackson, Darrell Jackson, Liz Stevens, Jan Dullaert, Paul Dullaert, Ray Stevens, Jean Leonard, Phil Miller, Grant Leonard, Bert Hutchinson
Missing from the photo are Ron and Wendy Freeman

Back to Music

In the afternoon members of the Oakville Celtic Fiddle Orchestra, and the Georgetown Celtic Fiddle Orchestra played for us Celtic Scottish, Irish, and Cape Breton tunes.

David Wood DSCF5834.JPG

David Wood DSCF5777.JPG

David Wood DSCF5780.JPG

David Wood DSCF5785.JPG

David Wood DSCF5802.JPG

David Wood DSCF5799.JPG

David Wood DSCF5806.JPG

David Wood DSCF5812.JPG

David Wood DSCF5813.JPG

David Wood DSCF5814.JPG

David Wood DSCF5815.JPG

David Wood DSCF5817.JPG

David Wood DSCF5819.JPG

David Wood DSCF5829.JPG

David Wood DSCF5846.JPG

David Wood DSCF5848.JPG

David Wood DSCF5849.JPG

David Wood DSCF5851.JPG

David Wood DSCF5856.JPG

David Wood DSCF5858.JPG

David Wood DSCF5808.JPG

David Wood DSCF5862.JPG

The afternoon is just starting to wind up, but not before a bit of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

David Wood DSCF5864.JPG

David Wood DSCF5865.JPG

Time to load the booty into the Salvation Army's care

David Wood DSCF5866.JPG

David Wood DSCF5867.JPG

David Wood DSCF5868.JPG

David Wood DSCF5870.JPG

Paul and Grant on packing duty

David Wood DSCF5603.JPG

The British Car Council Toy Run
A great day in every way

Do something for kids, in need, this Christmas!

As my present to you all, I have uploaded pretty much every picture that turned out decently to my flickr account.

Feel free to grab anything you want.
Merry Christmas!

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