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October 5th, 2014
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British Car Council 2014 Toy Run
October 5th, Country Heritage Park, Milton

David Wood - IMG_1947.JPG

Santa Claus is Coming!
Phil's Daughter Rachael with Granddaughter Veronica

David Wood - IMG_1949.JPG

Checking the bag contents

David Wood - IMG_1950.JPG

Ready to be off!
Santa, Howard Grant, with Phil

David Wood - IMG_1951.JPG

Major Darrell Jackson, of the Salvation Army with Phil

David Wood - IMG_1952.JPG

Santa's off with treats for all of those naughty and nice
Ray Stevens at the wheel of his Morgan

David Wood - IMG_1954.JPG

Car #75, a white Frogeye Sprite, on the far right, with its lights on!

David Wood - IMG_1956.JPG

Santa coming around for a strafing run!

David Wood - IMG_1958.JPG

Armaments were packages of crisps (chips) and hard candies

David Wood - IMG_1959.JPG

Crisps were no problem

David Wood - IMG_1960.JPG

The hard candies could be delivered with pin-point accuracy

David Wood - IMG_1961.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1962.JPG

Crisps away!

David Wood - IMG_1970.JPG

One special girl, Veronica, gets to meet Santa

David Wood - IMG_1973.JPG

Yes, she was a good girl

David Wood - IMG_1975.JPG

Eager to get proof of Santa, phones and cameras came out

David Wood - IMG_1976.JPG

My job here is done, now I must go!

In the afternoon members of the Oakville Celtic Fiddle Orchestra, and the Georgetown Celtic Fiddle Orchestra played for us Celtic Scottish, Irish, and Cape Breton tunes.

David Wood - IMG_1986.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1987.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1988.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1979.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1980.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1981.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1982.JPG


David Wood - IMG_1983.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1995.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1996.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1999.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2000.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2003.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2004.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2005.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2006.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2007.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2008.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1985.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1993.JPG

Major Darrell Jackson gave us a few words of thanks for our efforts, and how they looked forward to this event.

David Wood - IMG_2009.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2011.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2012.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2015.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2016.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2020.JPG

The dancing has started

David Wood - IMG_2027.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2030.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2032.JPG

Yup Mitts

David Wood - IMG_2033.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2035.JPG

Typical guy, off to the side

David Wood - IMG_2038.JPG

He's getting into it.

David Wood - IMG_2044.JPG


David Wood - IMG_2046.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2047.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2048.JPG

Here is the Toy Run's organizers!
Wendy has a broken foot, Phil has no visible wounds

David Wood - IMG_2049.JPG

James Franczek, Director of the Oakville Celtic Fiddle Orchestra, scores some booty

David Wood - IMG_2054.JPG

Down comes the kettle
Can he do that??

David Wood - IMG_2056.JPG

Veronica wants the hay bales

It was a fun day, for a good cause. Keep us in mind for next year!

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