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October 5th, 2014
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British Car Council 2014 Toy Run
October 5th, Country Heritage Park, Milton

David Wood - IMG_1852.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1853.JPG

Greg and Sue Foard remained behind and got some nosh

David Wood - IMG_1855.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1856.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1857.JPG

It's a dog's life

David Wood - IMG_1859.JPG

This Morgan has duties to perform

David Wood - IMG_1861.JPG

Heading off for the tour?

David Wood - IMG_1862.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1863.JPG

It just needed a bit more ground clearance for a couple of spots

David Wood - IMG_1864.JPG

A well photographed Morgan

David Wood - IMG_1866.JPG

I am now kicking myself for not introducing myself

David Wood - IMG_1896.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1867.JPG

A dog's life Pt 2 - So many car tires not enough widdle

David Wood - IMG_1869.JPG

Installing batteries

David Wood - IMG_1891.JPG

Car #73

Ok, a moment to remember why we came here, the booty so far!

David Wood - IMG_1872.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1874.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1875.JPG

Back To Cars For a bit

David Wood - IMG_1883.JPG

Car #74

David Wood - IMG_1885.JPG

Came in and missed the tour

David Wood - IMG_1886.JPG

But, there were plenty of people to natter with

David Wood - IMG_1887.JPG

A fine collection of Mini Minis

David Wood - IMG_1888.JPG

Time for the Orange-Peels' second set

David Wood - IMG_1892.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1893.JPG

This little Morgan got in ahead of Paul and Jan
He navigated the tour flawlessly

David Wood - IMG_1894.JPG

Paul and Jan had a chance to follow someone else for the last of the tour

David Wood - IMG_1895.JPG

Orange-Peel Morris on the cusp of starting

David Wood - IMG_1897.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1902.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1903.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1908.JPG

CAR! Road Hockey and Morris Dancing surprisingly similar

David Wood - IMG_1904.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1910.JPG


David Wood - IMG_1911.JPG

Any car can get Piped in, How about "Folkmusiced In"
Word and phrase are new, I am working on its inclusion
in a fine dictionary somewhere.

David Wood - IMG_1912.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1913.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1914.JPG

Paul and Jan Dullaert with Ray Stevens

David Wood - IMG_1917.JPG

Back to dancing!

David Wood - IMG_1919.JPG


David Wood - IMG_1920.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1921.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1924.JPG

Time for one last kick at the cat!

David Wood - IMG_1925.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1927.JPG

Much to the delight of the audience

David Wood - IMG_1929.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1928.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1936.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1939.JPG

Here we have them posed
(Andrew Cowie actually did, I just elbowed my way in )

David Wood - IMG_1944.JPG

Is my number up?

David Wood - IMG_1945.JPG

Keeping the door prizes safe!

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