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September 21st, 2014

British Car Day
Bronte Creek Provincial. Park

The worst possible summer weather was forecast for the day. All week long Sunday was a big blob of cloud with rain and sometimes lightning.

It happened. In the morning.

I was beginning to stir when Dave Allen called to say he was not coming. I had thought it would be a wash out. But the sky was clearing and I decided to go for it. In the mighty Kia, it was supposed to get nasty in the afternoon.

What I found was sunny skies and warm temperatures. The only remnants of the morning deluge, and from what I heard there was a deluge, were some puddles, muddy matted grass, and show cars with tires and wheel wells spattered with mud.

In attendance were roughly 800 cars of all types from the loved old teddy bear types to the grey poupon set.

Cars Part I

My first sight was the sea of Land Rovers

With some leaving

Big blue skies and puddles

Muddy Stag departing

Club stand. Tony Fox took me aside and instructed me to head up to registration and Sponsor St. to check out his new car.

By the way, the guy at the club stand left his wheel behind

Heading up to registration another Spitfire leaves

But first, a side trip

To this 1959 MG Magnette ZB is owned by Stu Colt

Sponsor Street and Registration

It was the 60th anniversary of the Austin A95

And, Tony Fox's newly completed A95 Countryman just fit the bill

It is immaculate all the way through

It took a lot of painstaking work to get from this state

Tony Fox and Lynda Hill. Lynda sourced out the bits and bobs except for the Bush Radio. It has been Tony's since he was a teenager!

It was also the 60th for the XK140 next to Tony

This is a 1956 XK140 owned by Andrew Lindsay

Proud owner and Co-Pilot

Tim Burgess and Jan Frolic, from Toronto campaigned this car in the recent ALCAN 5000, coming in 14th overall.

The route traced the roads north from Seattle to the Arctic Circle in Alaska

This was their home for the 9 day 7,200 drive in August's rally.

I was talking to Jan Frolic, who said she would never do it again, but then came around. She mentioned something out east, I'm thinking the Targa Newfoundland may be their next run.
According to their website, they had raised $2,600 surpassing their goal.

By the time the awards were presented, they raised some money in the bucket and received a cheque from the Toronto Triumph Club for $1000

MG TD and TF

Beautiful MG TD

Sorry, I can't tell you who owned it

This 1954 MG TF is owned by H. Jenkins

This 1949 MG TC is owned by David Holmes.
This car does have a racing history back to when it was new and raced by Tommy Hoan

Some competition history

This is a time to meet and greet

And to check out the cars

This engine belongs to Byron Warwick's 1954 MG TF

Back to dusting

Perfect pack for the day with this marine duffel

Paul Williams travelled from Eastern Ontario in this 56 MGA.
I think he may have run into the deluge

This '57 MGA Coupe owned by Brent Tyrell should be nice and dry

Cars Part II

Checking out the Midgets

This '66 Midget is owned by Robert Conn

And comes with stuffed Beefeater

Here is John-Peter Smit with his '76 Midget, Ms. Triss.
He does not need a stuffed Beefeater!

Next are the Sprites

This 1961 Austin Healey Sprite Frogeye is owned by Philip Ridge

This was my standout for the show

It definitely looks like a driver to me

This '61 Sprite, owned by Bert Raposo, looks the part of a "Barnfind"

Although it looks quite bad (I am concerned about the dogleg) it sounded like a kitten as it left the show

This '79 Austin Mini Clubman GT is owned by Dennis Meek

I had never noticed the Union Jack on the roof

Michael DeBono owns this '79 Innocenti Mini
And is crafty to boot

1976 Mini Van owned by Victor

Tony Fox with his 1962 Austin Mini Countryman

Mark Margetts 1969 Austin America Automatic

The interior

The Advert

Mike Harris owns this Hemi-Orange 1971 Austin America

This 1994 Rover Mini is owned by Robert Poulton
The luggage rack is from a Volkswagon


I don't know who owns this Moke
But I like it

There were some bikes that braved the day

The 1948 Hillman Minx Drop Head Coupe from QEW Luxury Motorcars was back, after missing last year's show

It is a nice looking car

Chris Young brought his 1954 Daimler Conquest

Jim and Daniel Colburne's '59 Morris Miner

It shows the mark of the morning

James, Daniel, and Rex

Rex: Wha'cha lookin' at.

Daniel with his 2nd Place plaque

Rex getting up close and personal

1949 Ford Prefect owned by Patrick McConville

Doesn't look bad from here

This a 1954 Citroen Light 15 is owned by L. Lewis
And, was built in Slough

Find the gear shift

I think this car spent some time in South Africa

This is George Found's 1958 Austin A-55 Cambridge
It is in its natural state, packed with people

Here it is in one of those rare moments with nobody in front

Guess that "Flying A"

It is Eric Appadoo's 1949 Austin A40 Devon

And him leaving after the awards

Cars Part III

This is Billy Meikle's 1967 Sunbeam Imp

And Billy's 1967 Hillman Husky

He was trailering in both in the morning as the deluge was happening

Patrick Wilson's '60 Ford Zodiac

It's a 1963 (Heinkle) Trojan, built in Croydon
and owned by Brian Reynolds
To get the skinny on this head off to

I had been keeping an eye on this since I made it back to the saloons

It has been customized

It's a club member
I just don't know who, there was no card

The interior shows some work

I was expecting a V-8 under the hood, but in it was this Ford Kent engine. They can be built wickedly powerful!

Here is an Austin Cambridge
Again, I don't know who owns this other than he is a club member

Flying Swan

Nice clean interior

1962 Rover 95 P4 owned by Ashwin Parmar

1961 Rover P4 100 owned by Mike Fox


And Badged

Bob Johnson's '61 Morris Minor

1968 Morris Minor Traveller owned by Ben Derksen

Triumph TR6s

1975 Triumph Stag owned by Albert Koo

1972 Triumph Stag owned by Philip Keith

Jim Allan's '71 Triumph Stag

Chris Tank owns this '74 Triumph Stag

This 1972 Stag is owned by Dave Lawrence

Under the hood

And over there, with the flag flying
is the '73 Stag MkII of Chris and Griz Holbrook

Lotus, and other Sevens

1934 Lagonda M45 T8 Tourer owned by Peter Ramm

1937 Rolls Royce PIII owned by Andrew Back

Andy Procktor's 1978 Rolls Royce Corniche DHC

I learned that in the early days, a standing lady meant the owner was the driver, a kneeling lady meant the owner was chauffeured.

I wonder if his carpets were in danger du to deluge

Remember this? It is a 1976 Reliant Robin owned by Adam Valenti

1955 Daimler Conquest

Owned by Ian Sim-Mutch

Just about 3:00 the awards were doled out

MGB and a spare This is a 1971 MGB owned by Jon Rosenthall

Cars Part IV, Exodus

Awards over, the exodus begins

With no nasty clouds on the horizon it was not the gridlock of last year

Bob Johnson

Kirk Blake-Dickson

Someday we hope he comes back from the Dark Side

Honda Civic SiR

Albert Koo

Sorry I don't know model and owner

1992 Fairway Driver owned by Gord and Wendy Welham

1995 Fairway owned by Paul Bateson

I did not know Capris were British built

Ashwin Parmar

David Holmes

Tony Fox

Bob Johnson stopped off for a bit

Mark Margetts

Mike Harris

The Long and Winding Road

We missed the exit some how and went on a wonderful tour of Bronte Creek Provincial Park. Well, it was wonderful for some of us. I basically circumnavigated the park back to the maintenance sheds where the show cars entered.

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