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Summer 2009 and the Livin' is Easy

Strawberry Social, Burlington ON

Mini Meet North, Mosport International Raceway ON

I have two events from the 15th of July!
Westwood's 50th Anniversary, Mission BC
Brits in the Park, Lindsay ON

BSCC London "Classic" Car Show Bellamere Winery, London ON

Triumph TransAmeriCan

Brits On the Lake, Port Perry ON

Inaugural Brits On the Lake, Downtown Port Perry

August 9th Queen St. in Port Perry was turned into a celebration of British automotive history and enthusiasm. Steamy and rainy early on it was only steamy later on in the day. That did not seem to dampen the spirits of those who attended.

Bob DeShane of the Little Britain Motor Company along with the Port Perry BIA and many other sponsors and helpers pulled together Brits On the Lake with proceeds going to the Port Perry Hospital Foundation.

The event has been scheduled for next year. If you missed it this year don't miss it next year. For more visit their website for more details and the date for next year's event.

Tony Fox sent the first set of pictures in.

Bill Schorse sent the following pictures in.

The early part of Brits on the Lake Sunday was a wet one.

Hoods were up

But, the storm passed and it got hot and muggy

Hoods were down!

If there are no seats left at the Coffee House bring your own!

Bill Schorse sent these pictures in.

Triumph Trans-AmeriCan Charity Drive 2009
Southern Ontario Leg

Take one Brit, John Macartney, one Triumph Stag, Uncle Jack, and one Continent, North America. Put them all in a big pot, heat, stir, and add a sprinkling of British car clubs along with their membership, technology for on the spot reporting and you have the Triumph Trans-AmeriCan!

John suffered the debilitation of P.T.S.D. for the better part of three decades. Thought mostly to affect military personnel, P.T.S.D. can afflict any front line person, first on scene person, and normal everyday person caught in a traumatic event.

A charity helped John get his life back and now he is raising money and awareness for them and charities in Canada and the U.S. with a driving odyssey of North America.

See for details.

Tony Fox/Barry Quartermain

Tony Fox/Barry Quartermain

Uncle Jack signage showing supporters, sponsors and benefactors.

Kirk Blake-Dixon

Kirk Blake-Dickson's MGB GT next to Uncle Jack at Niagara Falls just prior to touring to Tony's place in Burlington. Kirk and his son David were there to welcome John and Uncle Jack.

John started his tour in Florida, worked his way north, and turned west. All of this time he had members of various British car clubs running with him, getting and giving help when needed. Along the north west of New York he was touring with the Greater Rochester Triumph Touring Club and the MG Car Club Western New York Centre

At the border, The BSCCoC and the Toronto Triumph Club picked up John and Uncle Jack for an overnight stay at Tony Fox's in Burlington before heading off to Sarnia.

Tony Fox/Barry Quartermain

Tony Fox/Barry Quartermain

John fixing Toronto Triumph Club sticker to boot lid of Uncle Jack. The only problem I can see with a Stag in this situation is there is not enough room for stickers.

Tony Fox/Barry Quartermain

John Macartney and Uncle Jack at Tony's

Tony Fox/Barry Quartermain

Tony's Stag next to Uncle Jack at Tony's

Tony Fox/Barry Quartermain

Transfer at Tim Horton's London South end

Tony Fox/Barry Quartermain

Tony Fox/Barry Quartermain

Off to Sarnia. Members from the Bluewater British Car Club met and joined the group for the journey to Sarnia

Triumph Trans-AmeriCan Site with Blogs

Official Triumph Trans-American Site
(With most current Blog entry)

Ontario Blog Entries Late July Early June 2009

West Winfield, NY to Burlington, Ontario
A big THANK YOU to Sunoco!
Burlington, ON to Sarnia, Ontario
TTA Stag (a.k.a. "Uncle Jack") and John Macartney re-enter US of A-visa SOLVED
Corunna, Ontario to Hampshire, Illinois

Quebec Blog Entries Late July 2009

Crossin' the Line to Montreal
Montreal, Quebec - "Le Rendez-Vous des Anglaises"
Montreal, Quebec to Brunswick, Maine

Western Canada Blog Entries Early September 2009

Hello Canada (for the third time!)
Winnipeg to Regina
The loneliness of the Long Distance Runner!
Calgary Capers
Calgary to Jasper
Jasper to Vancouver
Hey - it’s the Pacific! Time to turn left for the ‘downhill’ bit
The Clubs pull out ALL the stops for TTACD - AGAIN!!!

Other Sites

David LaChance's Blog
You may have to look to previous blog entries
David LaChance's Interview with John Macartney

The Observer, Sarnia ON
(beware the audio is highly compressed and loud)

Flickr Triumph Trans-American Group Site

North to Manitoba

Tony Fox

The run for the Border to pick up John and Uncle Jack

Tony Fox

The border, any minute John and Uncle Jack will be coming through

Tony Fox

John and Uncle Jack make it to Manitoba (see the sign) Here he is greeted by members of the 4 Winnipeg British Car Clubs

Tony Fox

This has been almost home to John throughout these last weeks. Kind of looks like my car except for the expensive electronics.

Tony Fox

Burke’s Steak Pit in Morris, Manitoba, about 30 minutes south of Winnipeg

Tony Fox

The steaks were plentiful, inexpensive and very, very good.

Tony Fox

In front of the Headingley Museum near Winnipeg, home to Jim's Garage. On the left is a low mileage Stag owned by Tom Struther, the right is Uncle Jack.
Here the four area clubs, the Triumph Drivers Club, the Austin-Healey Club, the Mid-Canada Mini Group and the Jaguar club, got together for a BBQ

Brian Lanoway

Here John and the group are at a private Jaguar and British motorcycle collection in Winnipeg.

Brian Lanoway

In a corner of the collection is the Jag's Head Pub. Here Jean Caron from the Austin-Healey Club of Manitoba and our Tony Fox have taken up residence.

Turn Left at Winnipeg

Saskatchewan British Car Club article


Rendez-Vous des Anglaises du Québec photos

2009 BSCC London "Classic" Car Show

The British Sports Car Club of London held their main summer car show at Bellamere Winery, London.

Les and Mary Bond were there, making the trip from Norval. Here is their report. mailed to me!

Pictures by Les and Mary Bond.

I opened the envelope to find this Mini card by Alex Clark. Check out his art, buy something, and he may not be miffed that I used his art without permission.



Austin Healey 100 4

70's MG RWA Midget

Dan Campana's Triumph GT6 Best of Show

Les and Mary Bond with their Spitfire

In the People's Choice judging, club member Eric Belliveau was first in the Orphan Class with his Morris Minor.

Can any one send me a picture of it???????? I really really want one!!!!

For full results head off to the British Sports Car Club of London site

2009 Brits in the Park - Lindsay, ON

Here are some pics I took at the Lindsay 'Brits In The Park' car show last Sunday. There were 244 British cars jammed in the park. I have included one with our 2nd place plaque on our MK1 windshield. It certainly was quite the day. Not only were there British cars but lining the streets in Lindsay were the classic cars. You could not see everything in one day.

(Bill Schorse)

2009 Mission Raceway Historic Races - Westwood's 50th

Richard Roberts does get around. This past weekend (July 17-19th) he was at the Mission Raceway, Mission BC for the 50th Anniversary of the Westwood Racing Circuit

Here are some pictures he sent back

Cortina GT MK 1 2nd Series

Aston Martin DB4

Austin Healey 100/6

Here is a Majesty of Morgans

A very original Mk 1 Mini

Early Mini Wagon with an "S" designation

September 25, 2009

This is owned by Steve Kovacs of Ferndale, Washington.
Thanks to Rick Higgs

See this car, with others, on formulaphoto/Warwick Patterson's
Sea to Sky Classic Car Run flickr site

What every Mini should look like!

Austin A95 for sale at $19,000

That Aston Martin again showing its battle scars from traversing the Alaska Highway and the Stewart-Cassiar Highway, the latter being my preferred way south. It is more remote and has much more spectacular scenery.

It has a Lotus badge but could be a Caterham

Morgan 4/4, you guess the year

TVR and Triumph TR4 Staging

Joe Lightfoot, from Picton, heading for the track

Another one heading for the track

Great Looking Wagon

Another Aston Martin DB4

Anglia 105E

I'm so old I had one of these new in 1962. Many commutes from Sutton, Ont to Minden and later to Ottawa. Original engine replaced at 75K miles with a Consul Classic 1340cc and all synchro transmission. Big Smiths tach on the dash while supplementary guages down below. Up the hill on #7 at Orono was a revelation with the new engine. Didn't have to shift down to 3rd and could actually speed up the hill. Many speeding tickets later - all related to the commute of #7 and rust issues with the car I relented and bought a 60 Beetle.

What every 105E dash should look like

Britsh Ford Escort was an Anglia replacement not sold here

Need I say more?

Honarary Brit, Volvo PV444 Split Screen

Daimler SP250, looks pretty but didn't participate in racing

Daimler SP250 V8 engine

Lotus XI ??? I should have asked the restorer

June 9th 2010

This is not a Lotus XI but a Lotus 17. Successor to the Lotus Eleven for racing in the small capacity engine classes. They were built in 1959. Engines are usually Coventry Climax FWE but also FWMA, FWA and FWB.

Hope this is of help to you.
All the best

Constant Wagner
Member of the Historic Lotus Register
Member of Club Lotus France

'59 Berkeley 3 cylinder

Austin Healey 100/4

That Aston Martin again, I love that car!

Aston Martin DB3

Coventry Climax valve cover emblem

Escort Dash

Cortina MK1 Body Shell for Sale

Austin A55 somewhere in the Yukon

See some more of Richard's pictures

Tony Fox

Tony Fox has sent in these pictures. Anybody knows whos car is who's?
By the way, anybody else want to send in some pix?

Tony Fox

Tony Fox

Tony Fox

Tony Fox

#64 Joe Mirizio's Mini

Tony Fox

Tony Fox

Tony Fox

Tony Fox

Tony Fox

Tamer Metwalli (joltfreak), one of the driving forces for Mini Meet North has some pictures up at PhotoBucket

He has sent an e-mail to just about every Mini enthusiast. Just in case you did not get that e-mail here is the link to his pictures!


Tamer Metwalli?? From Mini Meet North Photobucket site

Is this Tony Fox Taking it all in?

Other Links to the 2009 Vintage Racing Festival pictures and results

Mini Meet North website
VARAC's Vintage Festival website
2009 Vintage Racing Festival Results
Driven to Drive Forum post by Michael A. Coates
Pictures by Michael A. Coates of
Bob Polak's Mini Marcos from Mini Marcos org
Pictures by Warwick Patterson of Formula Photographic

Paletta Mansion Strawberry Social, Monday June 15th

Tony Fox

Several members of the BSCCoC toured to Paletta Mansion, Burlington, ON for their strawberry social. We had a turn out of 6 cars, Tony & Mary Hughes with their XJS, Rainer & Ursula Holst and their Lagonda, Barry Quartermain with his TR6, Andy & Val Proctor driving their Rolls, Al Stoller in his Ford Corsair, and of course myself with my Stag.
Tony Fox

Tony Fox

Tony Fox

Tony Fox

Tony Fox

Tony Fox

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