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January 24th 2015

Baby Needs New Shoes
By Alan Brand

Alan and Elsie

One of the few things that my (new to me) 1959 Morris Minor van, Elsie, needs is new tyres to replace the aged Michelins that she currently wears. As you'd expect with very low mileage, there's lots of tread left but the tyre walls are beginning to crack - not surprising when a new internet Morris Minor friend reports that Michelin stopped making that tyre several years before he retired from Michelin, twelve years ago.

Original size tyres are just not available, so the first option is to fit wider rims that will accept common (aka cheaper) tyres. This option was soon discarded as (a) the price of the rim exceeds any cost benefit of a common tyre, and (b) I much prefer the look of the original narrow wheels and tyres ... with a top speed of 55mph it's not as if I'm going to be driving huge distances to force me to buy more tyres soon!

So, the rare-as-hen's-teeth 155R14 it is. There appear to be two options: Toyo from Japan via the UK, and Firestone from Coker Tires in Chattanooga, TN, USA.

Toyo 155x80/14

Charles Ware [] quoted me 155 for 4 Toyo Tyres plus shipping of 115. By the time you add tax and duty, that comes out to about $600 the set, plus whatever exorbitant fee the shipper hits you with for "brokerage services".

Firestone F560 Radial Tire - 155R14

Buying through Queensway Tire Service [] in Simcoe, ON (the official Coker distributor in Ontario): $178 + tax for a total of $201.14 per tyre, or $804.56 the set ... plus delivery/pick up costs from Simcoe to Owen Sound, a round trip of 550km.

Shipped direct by Coker Tire [] to my door: US$140.00 inclusive ... at current rates approximately $163.00 per tyre or $650 the set.

I'll be taking the direct to my door from Coker route ...

Minor Celebrity

Calling all BSCCoC members!

While Morris Minors or any other LBCs do not fit in any of the entry categories for the Cobble Beach Concours, we may be able to participate in the Participant Tour of the Grey Bruce area on Saturday September 12, 2015. The tentative route is a 100km loop including Owen Sound, Shallow Lake, Wiarton, and Big Bay.

This is in the early stage of planning. I want to gauge the interest in this event before I commit with the concours organizers

Please let me know if you are interested in participating.

Alan Brand,

Looking For Early Minors

John Voelcker is trying to track down owners, former owners, and their 1949 Morris Minors.

He started out looking for Clare Backman or Charlie Gillespie.

He got these names from 1985 Morris Club records. Those two are listed as owners of very early 1949 Morris Minors.

But the original data sheets with full addresses have gone missing--so all he has from the file is "IN CANADA."

Barring finding these people he thought we could surface every 1949 Morris Minor known to the club and its members. (and I guess just about anybody else who is reading this)

You can contact John at: johnvoelcker (at) yahoo (dot) com

Google Map

Sunday, 29th March
12 noon
Ned Devine's
575 Ontario St S (at Derry Rd. W),
Milton, ON


Ancaster British Car
Flea Market
Sunday, 19th April
Ancaster Fairgrounds
630 Trinitiy Rd.
Ancaster ON


Sunday July 26th
Huron County Playhouse
Tickets: $40
Tony Hughes


Mini Shell - Toronto ON

Andrew Hudson found this Mini Shell.

A whole passle of Minis - All over the map

Julian Howard found and posted these Minis in one fell swoop

1976 Austin Morris/ Leyland Mini Van - Springfield MO

1965 Mini Austin Morris Van - Ocala FL

1966 Mini - Houston TX

1949 P3-75 Rover - Moncton NB

Andrew Hudson found this Rover.

1964 Humber Super Snipe - Seattle, WA

Julian Howard also found this Humber.

1973 Triumph TR-6 - Phoenix, AZ

Facebook member, Barry Dufek has his TR-6 for sale.

1955 Bond Minicar Mark C - Old Lyme, Ct

Julian Howard found this rarity, a Bond Minicar.

1962 Tornado Talisman GT - Bowling Green, OH

Alan Brand found this, even rarer, Tornado Talisman GT.

Way Back

Newmarket Era and Express, 29 Jun 1961

David E. Wood
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