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February 28th 2015

Rover Boys

In 1957 two 20 year olds wanted to travel the world. Their way was by Land Rover across equatorial Africa to northern India, down Burma, Malaysia to Singapore, and finally Australia

These 20 year olds, after this trip grew into very successful people. Bristol Foster became a PhD in biology and supports many ecological causes. His best friend, Robert Bateman became a great wildlife artist. Read about their travel, and the resurrection of their Land Rover Grizzly Torque.

Looking For Early Minors

John Voelcker is trying to track down owners, former owners, and their 1949 Morris Minors.

He started out looking for Clare Backman or Charlie Gillespie.

He got these names from 1985 Morris Club records. Those two are listed as owners of very early 1949 Morris Minors.

But the original data sheets with full addresses have gone missing--so all he has from the file is "IN CANADA."

Barring finding these people he thought we could surface every 1949 Morris Minor known to the club and its members. (and I guess just about anybody else who is reading this)

You can contact John at: johnvoelcker (at) yahoo (dot) com

Google Map

Sunday, 29th March
12 noon
Ned Devine's
575 Ontario St S (at Derry Rd. W),
Milton, ON


Ancaster British Car
Flea Market
Sunday, 19th April
Ancaster Fairgrounds
630 Trinity Rd.
Ancaster ON


Sunday July 19th
Victoria Park, Lindsay, Ontario


Sunday July 26th
Huron County Playhouse
Tickets: $40
Tony Hughes


Minor Celebrity

Saturday September 12th
Minor Celebrity
Working Towards Invited Guests
Cobble Beach Concours
Participant Tour


1958 Morris Oxford Series IV - Steinbach, MB

Matthew Giesbrecht has this Oxford for sale.

1960 MGA - Ancaster, ON

Kirk Blake-Dickson found this MGA. Some assembly required.

1964 or 67 Austin 1100 - Schuler, AB

Rob Svekla found this Austin 1100 parts car.

1964 Hillman Super Minx - Oracle, AZ

Julian Howard found this Hillman.

1959 Hillman Husky - Ridgecrest, CA

Julian Howard also found this Hillman Husky.

1970 GPO Van Custom
(Morris-Dodge Classic American Style Pick-Up)
Perth, Perthshire and Kinross, UK

Alan Brand found this Modified Morris.

1975 Austin Marina GT - Portland, OR

John Voelcker found this Marina.

1958 Morris Minor 1000 - Mesa, AZ

Alan Brand found this Minor.

1959 Triumph TR10 Estate - San Juan Capistrano, CA

Doug Frechette found this modified Triumph/Standard.

1957 Ford Prefect - Broward Cty., FL

Alan Brand found this Ford Prefect.

Pair of Standard Vanguard Wagons, 1951 and 1958
Calgary, AB

From James Tworow

I found out about a pair of Standard Vanguards for sale in Calgary.

Both are station wagons which is very rare.

One is a 1951 Vanguard wagon and one is a 1958 Vanguard wagon.

The 1951 is apparently in good condition, sitting in a dry garage since 1965. The engine out and comes with a second engine. It's rust free, but will need a paint job, the interior is still in good shape.

There is not much information on the 1958 wagon.

No prices were mentioned as it is not a desperate sale. The owner just would like to sell them.

By the sellers admission, he is computer illiterate, but I have his local phone number, so anyone interested can e-mail me at sherlock77 AT and I'll pass along the number.

I'm not knowledgeable enough to make an assessment on the condition of the cars.

Way Back
Fun In Cars In Winter IV

Winnipeg Tribune Photo Collection : Sports Car Racing

January 31, 1976
Auto Ice Racing. Roy Matthews - mini 1000 had a minor altercation with a snow bank. On his way to the pits for repairs

David E. Wood
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