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March 28th 2015

∗∗∗4 Tickets Left∗∗∗
And Tony is gone for June
Get yours soon!

Sunday July 26th
Huron County Playhouse
Tickets: $40
Tony Hughes


Spring is Springing!

Looking back to November 24th 2012...

Jim Ellis found a 1949 Minor in a barn, they still happen, and hopefully will for many generations to come.

Here we are a year later He and Step Dad David Moore are attempting to start it.

From Jim's Facebook

From Jim's Facebook

From David Moore's YouTube

Then to November 29th, 2014...

Jim's '48 low-light "Lucy" is going to be a knock-down dragged-out full restoration. Lucy needs floor and cross member repairs, she needs new glass and rubber seals throughout, she needs some bodywork and a new interior, she doesn't just need "detailing", she needs a major cleanup! But, as verified by a local professional auto restorer, she is in exceptionally fine shape for a lady her age.

She's slated by Jim to be completed by her 70th birthday in 2018. Even though she is a very small car, given he amount of work to be done, timing will be tight, so we'll see!

And now the present...

The weather has been slowly warming up and Jim has been able to get to working on Lucy and the equipment needed to restore her.

Engine stands to be modified and form each end of the Morris rotisserie. Wooden templates for other bits of it and the engine from the series MM on the left rear engine stand, out of harms way for now,

Morris rotisserie under construction

While carefully removing the headlining from the Series MM, it appears that someone called Bill fitted it and signed it off, over 65 years ago,

More to come...


We will meet at
Ned Devine's
575 Ontario St S (at Derry Rd. W),
Milton, ON
This Sunday, 29th March 2015
at 12.00 noon

Google Map

In this plaza tucked behind two of Canada's staples Petro Can and Hortons

Events At A Glance

Ancaster British Car
Flea Market
Sunday, 19th April
Ancaster Fairgrounds
630 Trinity Rd.
Ancaster ON


Mini Meet North
June 19th to 21st
Canadian Tire Motorsports Park
Clarington Concession Rd. 10
Clarington. ON


Sunday July 19th
Victoria Park, Lindsay, Ontario


Minor Celebrity

Saturday September 12th
Minor Celebrity
Working Towards Invited Guests
Cobble Beach Concours
Participant Tour


Stuff For Sale

This is gathered, primarily, from our Facebook site
Submissions are accepted
But only if they exist on a sale site I can link to.

1958 Hillman Husky - Murrieta, CA

Alan Brand found this Husky for sale.

1957 AC Petite - Hollidaysburg, PA

Julian Howard found this "less than Husky" AC Petite for sale.

1964 Sunbeam Alpine - Lake Isabella, CA

Alan Brand found this Alpine for sale.

1967 Humber Super Snipe - Cleveland, NY

Alan Brand also found this Super Snipe Wagon for sale.

1969 Morris Minor Van - Charleston, SC

Julian Howard found this Minor Van.

1956 MGA - London, ON

Kirk Blake-Dickson found this MGA.

Parting out 1963 Land Rover - Egbert, ON

Andrew Hudson found this Land Rover.

1949 Series MM Morris Minor - Battle Ground, WA

John Voelcker found this Early Canadian Market Morris Minor.

1974 Austin Marina GT - Snoqualmie, WA
By Auction April 4th

Kirk Blake-Dickson found this Marina.

1976 Jensen GT - Saint Louis, MO

Julian Howard found this Jensen.

Way Back

The Montreal Gazette Sept 21 1962

David E. Wood
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